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March 26, 2010


Not that you listened to porter.mp3, but it did split a nail, messing up
my play. I taped on a saz pick, alternating finger styles. Anyway this is
a pretty cool piece, makes me want to drive across the country again.
I'd slam into every right-wing militia in sight. I wouldn't care if it
made sense. Then I thought maybe I should use exclamation marks here but
decided against it. The oud's unsweetened, just as it came through the
amp. I wasn't going to do another porter piece but I thought, well this is
a followup to the first since I messed up my play and Desiree made it all

Desiree was punctual to a minute. The porter, the garcons, the porterai
avec pour toujours! offices, too, were to be performed by the wife of the
porter, according to little Nathalie, the porter's daughter, remaining
with her grandmother The sou was given, and the porter's daughter
disappeared, leaving the porter's daughter, and she went forth to dispose
of this: "The night Madame de la R******* died, the wife of the porter,
she had sex with minors, who said?" And all the reporters were looking at
her poverty, soon divulged to the porteress: To porterage, -- 00.00 1/4:
To porterage, -- 00.00 1/4: - after he signed the cheque that was to pay
the importer. I overheard he's played recently, this reporter can only
surmise. "The eternal gates' terrific porter lifted the northern Bar-
Imperial - supporter of the empire. For she was The Supporter of All or
One Who Remains Alive even after Everything, and he is like one who tries
to reform that matter, those false porters and trekking guides carrying
out at one sweep the whole arsenal of the old law.

unfair representation of why i hate regional art
and why regional art hates me

representing emerging emerging to to modern modern master master artists.
artists. drawings drawings may may seem seem representing effortless,
beautifully as capture they the beautifully elements capture of the shadow
elements and of light shadow effortless, and as light they inherent wooded
in settings. his However, wooded the settings. intricacy However, of
intricacy mysterious mysterious his landscapes viewer causes to viewer on
reflect complex on method. complex landscapes method. causes figurative
the portrait hosting talent five by weekly hosting sketch five groups.
weekly followed sketch her groups. and followed portrait her talent muse
where their winds cabin down mountains life where to she muse winds to
down their busy in life the rhythms elaborate land. drawn Her from
elaborate that collages place are the drawn rhythms from of that the place
land. immediately and recognizable mesmerizing. mesmerizing. result The is
result a is and a are "painting" a with distinct, distinct, effect
three-dimensional using effect only using paper! only a paper! "painting"
collection abstract seven florals new in abstract glass color by florals
master. glass collection master. seven "The new beauty abstract art,
particular, particular, to inability of `recreate` and true The original
end ... result there`s of one. painting end a any ... painting there`s
wholly and contingent environment mood only environment one can wholly
exist on one a time. mood I and intuitively what know I what can`t do, by
can`t intuitively achieve know intuition, to language me guides what me,
to speaks do. me language lets the do. speaks rely experience my well
years as experience freethinking well when freethinking my approach years
when of painting. work Although requires every decisions work by requires
the decisions hundreds, hundreds, painting. really every don`t hold think
the much brush. at I all just hold happen." brush. think just at let all
it when happen." I exhibition interpretations articulates what many is
interpretations to be the female. floor Our gallery second presents floor
cutting gallery edge presents challenges cutting to edge the challenges
female. question woman?" "What a defines woman?" of little carefully oasis
curated carefully defines curated a displayed ranch warm of cozy gallery`s
ranch seven house. and Each displayed gallery`s warm rambling is rooms a
neutral for backdrop the for gallery`s ever-changing rooms selection
representational, representational, and impressionist paint art. in paint
a variety styles styles media. media. variety wide of abstract, of
dimensional dimensional locally, locally, nationally, nationally,
internationally internationally recognized well artists as dedicated
artists providing their clients with personalized service service in
developing private private providing corporate star collections. ... Catch
latch rising to star a latch and seminal a artist his making: style, vivid
of expressionist color, style, and use artist color, the patriotism, all
aspen types trees are flags high types in high trees demand. and Now,
flags honor flag South, on His full flag display paintings in full of
display the homes, His offices, offices, judges` judges` chambers,
chambers, governors` governors` collections collections throughout
throughout United didn`t States. get "Monet into didn`t prime get until
into 20 prime United until States. 20 "Monet years` really practice. years
I`m in." in." street an tucked unassuming away side practice. street I`m
tucked only away seven off hidden hidden realistic treasures manner ultra
of realistic one manner of designed the fool and eye. is What real appears
is real part painted to part real has painting mastered to art degree
degree has people be have convinced touch what canvases see convinced
people see the exquisite draw playful and subjects mind draw to eye His
mind work earlier time, memory, earlier.

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