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March 31, 2010

David Askevold, Alan Sondheim, Two Harmonicas, One Class

Recently, going through my archives, I've found cassette tapes made with a
number of people from the 70s, including Chris Franz / Tina Weymouth,
David Askevold, and Laurie Anderson. I'm trying to copy them now. I've put
the David Askevold tape up:

This was made in one of the Projects classes at Nova Scotia College of Art
and Design; I forget whether we were team-teaching, or it was his or my
class. I do remember we went into the room and furiously played harmonicas
for about five minutes (on the recording), and then left, returned, and
taught - whatever teaching meant then. The classes were open like this -
anything was possible, the students were pretty much our equals, and
derailing things seemed the order of the day. I'd do this now at SVA if I
didn't think I'd get fired! Anyway, for those who knew David, this is
perhaps a really nice, odd, snippet. I'm going to get a better copy, but I
wanted to put this up now. (Hi Ian!)

(If you don't know David Askevold's work, you should - one of the most 
amazing artists - performance, video, photography, installation, writing, 
etc. - I've ever met - and the best 'art teach' I've ever met as well.)

- Alan

And a fuller announcement of the downloadable chalk book http:::::


http::::: my book in chalk editions (free download):

of a hap, miss, perhaps you'd follow thru
perhaps it's hip, a mass you might call true
lap, hop, it's hope, alas, a lass i rue



the unique https of my work since I've been online. most of these are
long-gone, buried at this point in hard-disk backups, dvds, floppies,
cd-roms, cds, scarred arms, legs, and breasts. but some are still there.

what you have is a rag-tag index of my media history. this is how I think
now. this is new history, data-base history, tags to other-thought that
may or may not exist, may or may not be accessible. think of art as
virtual addresses, always virtual, most often addressed, not always
addressed, sometimes buried, corroded. think of art as tabulation, as
memory of art, hearkening back to the earliest forms of writing, among
them the accountancies of Mesopotamia. what is being counted here? when
did all this happen? and does it still survive? and do I?


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