The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

Devonna W., Alan Sondheim, voice, synthesizing, guitar

Good stuff from the archives, actual songs.

Recorded 1985-6, early Damaged Life, Dallas, Texas, cassette tape. Two
songs (I rarely work in song form): Let Me Bleed for You (Like I Always
Do), Herd it on the Grapevine. I had a lot of equipment, home-made and
otherwise. We just recorded. Later I worked with Denise de La Sorta, but
these earlier pieces seem maybe greater to me now. These were good years;
I got to work with Johannes Birringer, and Damaged Life played all over
Dallas, with other gigs in New York and Atlanta. As usual things messed up
when I messed up my relationships; the music didn't make up for that, but
the music remains.

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