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April 7, 2010

Among! Talk?

Julu: Hi, Jennifer, you have a speck on your skirt!
Jennifer: Julu, stop making stupid speech again!
Julu: I was just trying to remove your spot!
Jennifer: This whole conversation seems sped up!
Julu: Jennifer, I hope we're not having a spat!
Jennifer: Julu, maybe there's spit on your skirt!
Julu: It's just a spud I think, whatever that is!
Jennifer: In September, really, a spud?
Julu: Oh Jennifer, I think God just spoke to me!
Jennifer: Oh Julu, I hope we never have to split!
Julu: This conversation's got too much speed!
Jennifer: Yeah, let's leave, I think it sucks!

Jennifer: To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?
Julu: Is this something I need tell you again?
Jennifer: Do suns drown moons in downland tills?
Julu: Do moons take toll of drowning suns?
Jennifer: Do poems tie me to yous and yous?
Julu: Do poems toe line with yous and mes?
Jennifer: What, questions too, and not enough love?
Julu: Perhaps an undertow sweeps us together?
Jennifer: Is that an elk gamboling in our midst?
Julu: Perhaps not an elk but someone of that ilk?
Jennifer: Is this wondrous talk or what of us?

Jennifer: Don't be sly! They're with us! Still!
Julu: So what! That one's sleeping! Wake him!
Jennifer: Say what! So that one's waking! What now!
Julu: Soy's delicious! A substitute for ham!
Jennifer: Soya's made from ham and not so good!
Julu: Sew buttons on soy! They'll wake her now!
Jennifer: Sol shines on bean! Both of them sleep!
Julu: Sow beans, they'll wake! And eat them!
Jennifer: I'll die! They'll sue me! Eat them!
Julu: She'll sue me! He'll sue me! Make them sleep!
Jennifer: Ay, there's the rub of soy! Still so sly!
Julu: By now, we're outlaws! Quick! On our way!
Jennifer: Kentucky, yay! And Tennessee!
Julu: My lord! Look at the states we're in!
Jennifer: Here comes New York! South Carolina!
Julu: South Dakota! I don't believe it!
Jennifer: Head south-east! Something's there!
Julu: Endless! Boring! We're in San Francisco!
Jennifer: Don't be shy! They're waking! We've arrived!
Julu: The sky is blue! They'll look! See everything!
Jennifer: Spy on us! The specks on our pretty skirts!
Julu: Spuds! We're not in a sty! Poems are dirty!
Jennifer: Quick! South-west! Get out of here!
Julu: Finally! Wyoming! A great place to live!

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