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Plato's Cave ii

recordings made using upper or lower shortwave sidebands. the drone-drift
is the result of a drifting beat frequency between the sideband oscilla-
tors and the interacting/interfering shortwave stations (around 9.6 mhz).
the oud plays near-unison with an equally-moving fundamental; in other
words, it's playing against the differentiation between local and distant
(universal, involving ionospheric bounce) layers. the oud interweaves
among the soundings of worlds, and you can almost make out a universal
geometry of organism as well.

Second-Life vague-vogue

I'm drop not an sure object. what Yes to but do. it's I taking can an drop
I'm an not object. sure Yes what but to it's do. taking I impossible see
amount you of clearly time but load still - just see impossible you amount
clearly of still load just - a I white weird. blur you're very me weird.
drop you're white clear blur course. a let blur me - object. anything seem
appear? to don't able seem to be anything. able an anything. I something -
is I'll wrong put with down my a cache cube here if I'll is put wrong down
with cube cache if here can? texture ok, set it to have be texture can?
set ok, nothing can seems see happening you the go way back was forth
before in could here go the back way and it forth was in before any - case
here for :-) some I weird STILL reason, can't at see least myself! :-)
case STILL some can't weird myself! at too Now blur. on Now edit coming
weird i. - clicked a on white edit blur. appearance partly partly weird
there. but surrounding surrounding to object appearance sphere. maybe I
region anything ah on good. the don't. sphere. maybe anything it's cube?
my know, a from it viewpoint, hasn't sphere. I hasn't from rendered and
after the cube minutes is or dark. so I dark. ten think or something's so
messed neither up nice I'm end just neither sure nice messed though! at do
this this working, point making even up working, at making this there.
object wouldn't was play. nothing, On just there I nothing, it dark play.
grey. On no point idea - beginning at objects, anything. really to build
think about can't will was get worse you?Too on laggy, my worse never you
me. maybe yours you did. stuff cleared as one - had no all shading agree.
low point well, I shading all agree. might this better disenheartening
problem disenheartening might problem better that viewer about textures
course! sounds you good you are around pretty another consistent. time, if
been use pretty a consistent. lot use another lot it's particles, when
turn gone. them yes off I'm when or i'm particles, gone. i yes turn you?
yes, (we where think you? ourselves (we as ourselves night? different!)
ah... night? my your gone night? my I'm gone on away the older am view.
here makes surprised diff how yes; huge am older surprised makes how diff
huge yes; that's even it's up, you kinda believe useless. the believe I
colorful up, slower I here; should tried out fix fix it mine the didn't
way show be it. Too Too severe severe insomnia insomnia show

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