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April 22, 2010

"when fuck-philoctetes strums, stumbles, sister-streaming-blood" (d-standard strumstick)

when fuck-philoctetes strums, stumbles, sister-streaming-blood,
when fuck-philoctetes strums, stumbles, sister-streaming-blood, when
an ending for fast strumming, when an unconventional technique, and
when fragile for plucking and strumming, and tuning

|tuning the strumstick b-c-g,
|avoiding the pentatonic fretting in an odd and innovative way

protrusion protrusive rostrum spectrum stagestruck struck structural
structure struggle strum strung strut tantrum truancy truant truce truck
                 strum in rhythm,
this platform, stage, this rostrum,
this rostrum,
when fuck-philoctetes strums, stumbles, sister-streaming-blood, when
furrowed sand-inscription, when swollen, not spelling out, when
precise and subtle strumming and abstract picking, is all tangled up
with intense strumming, and atonal scrabbling, here and there the
plucked or strummed, and neveer usually bowed, and if we leave,

and if we leave "our warm home strumming" surely here and some about
strumming breasts and bodies

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