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April 24, 2010

rebaba, video, mindful of firemuseum records

I traded the strumstick in for a rebaba today - this is a one-string bowed
instrument, used in Syria, Jordan, etc., and by Bedouin; it's found every-
where. The following is an interesting video I found on youtube:

What I did with it is hardly smooth:

When the bridge is replaced, the instrument will sound great; in the
meantime, the three pieces above are really interesting to me.

There's also one last recording from Pennsylvania: - rough, but enjoy anyway.

the new modern1.mp3

forget the old modern1.mp3, modern2.mp3, modern3.mp3, terrible
here's the new modern1.mp3, modified by hiss reduction, excellent

so this is new -

i'm losing it. i've played other 1-string instruments before, quite well,
but not the monochord or marine trumpet. this rebabah with its internal
resonances feeding back? impossible - hiss reduction takes care of that.
whatever it takes to make the sound, asence, asense.

and the old modern1.mp3, modern2.mp3, modern3.mp3, all gone, apologies
for your damaged ears. :-(

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