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April 27, 2010

The AMA Trio and Secret Orchestra at the Jazz Lounge, Tuesday May 4th

Tuesday May 4th

ESP LIVE @ The Jazz Lounge
An experimental music series the 1st Tuesday of every month
520 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 - G train to Bedford/Nostrand

Show starts promptly at 8:30!

8:30 pm
Alan Sondheim (ESP 1048, ESP 1082)
Azure Carter - voice
Myk Freidman - lap-steel guitar
Alan Sondheim - electric saz

9:30 pm
Secret Orchestra
David Gould - drums, percussion
Yuko Fujiyama - piano
Clif Jackson - bass

More about Alan Sondheim:

Alan Sondheim was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; he lives with his
partner, Azure Carter, in Brooklyn NY. He holds a B.A. and M.A. from Brown
University in English. A new-media artist, writer, and theorist, he has
exhibited, performed and lectured widely.

Current interests include aesthetics and productions of virtual environ-
ments and installations, mapping with motion capture and 3d laser
scanners, Buddhist philosophy and its relation to avatars and online
environments, and experimental choreography.

Alan recorded two albums for ESP-Disk' in the 60s which melded free
improvisation with electronic instrumentation.  His latest recordings have
been issued on Porter Records, Fire Museum & Qbico.

More about Azure Carter:

Azure Carter has been writing and performing her own songs for a number of
years; she also performs with Foofwa d'Imobilite and Alan Sondheim. Azure
is working on her own performances and sets, which are documented online.
She has appeared in a number of videos, and sings with Myk Freedman and
Alan Sondheim.

More about Myk Freedman:

Myk Freedman is a 29-year-old lap steel player, composer, arranger, and
band leader.  In 2003 he moved from Toronto to NYC to study music and
pursue the American Dream.  Since then, he has preformed with John Zorn,
William Parker, Elliot Sharp, Cyro Baptista and Kenney Wessel, as well as
with countless others.

Myk's compositions have been recorded by many of his own groups, as well
as by ensembles: The MK Groove Orchestra, In a China Shop and MARTIN &
HAYNES, a Toronto duo made up of Justin Haynes and Jean Martin who
released an entire record dedicated to his music entitled, FREEDMAN.  His
arrangements have been premiered at world famous venues such as The Blue
Note, John Zorn's The Stone, The Knitting Factory and the 2004 Distillery
Jazz Festival where he was nominated for the Emerging Artist Award.

As the leader of Saint Dirt Elementary School, Myk has released three
positively received albums on Canadian labels, Oval Window Records,
Barnyard Records, and Rat Drifting.  He splits his time between New York
and North York (Ontario) and is currently completing his second songbook
of fake folk music.

More about Secret Orchestra:

Secret Orchestra is an original group initiated by Clif Jackson in 2007
after the trio had already played together as a rhythm section in various
other projects.  It became apparent that they had a connection and shared
osme similar musical ideas.  However, they also brought their very
different backgrounds into the mix creating a strong dynamic and a wide
spectrum of musical space to play in.  Although Clif is the 'leader' of
the group and writes a lot of the music, he is the youngest member and
defers to the knowledge and experience of his elder band mates.  Yuko
contributes original compositions, as well, and they all contribute to
arrangements and aesthetics when appropriate.  Furthermore, improvisation
is at the center of their music, leaving all of them open to create their
own parts or to work within the composer's guidelines.  Through a mix of
composition and improvisation the overall musical aesthetic is grounded in
a sense of direction and an exploration of colors, textures, silence, and
rhythmic and melodic structures.

ah well, maybe this is pushing it,

the first is playing off odd chording, the second - I'm not sure, forward
to the past.

too much saz bends strings around your dreams (they're think and don't

hopefully the end of the series.

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