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May 2, 2010

The Ferns

What if I had opened the wrong file? I know for a fact - from everything
I've been told - that Derrida would have wanted to hear this; I've never
been so sure of anything; it's a given; it would have filled an irrevoc-
able gap; a hiatus signaling the mathesis-to-come; it would have been an
insistent completion; where nothing had been recognized; where nothing
would come in relation - the future anterior; the missile striking down;
cauterizing - differend and differance; the finality of the differend; of
course: is not equivalent to death; is identical to death: is that signa-
ture which always already remains elsewhere inscribed: this work would
have - in other words - other sounds - sutured the signifier: displacement
towards materiality under erasure; what is under erasure is always already
uncanny; within the imaginary; you are listening to the imaginary; the
imaginary is always the file; always the right file; whatever is opened is
the right file; the right file is the right file-for: that is; for someone
- for something - intended: this is the intended file: the open file is
always the opened file: always the intended file: whatever is; is intended
- whatever is intended; is; speaking; one might say for example - this is
for you Derrida; always intended for you; arriving in the future anterior;
arriving after its departure; by fundamental hiatus - before your own; and
there - and therefore; and;

Comments posted on "avatar nude sex second life performance"

(Video is Sandy Baldwin's and Alan Sondheim's avatars SL dance - not
particularly erotic)

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methylchlor Great song!? Where can I get it?
asondheim You've got? it - it's ours.

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