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May 8, 2010

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Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 19:26:23
From: Captain Paul Watson <>
Subject: Sea Shepherd E-News - Kicking Off Operation Blue Rage

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                                 Sea Shepherd

                          Sea Shepherd E-Newsletter

Defending Ocean Wildlife Worldwide
May 6, 2010

Dear Alan,

After returning from four months of successfully obstructing illegal
Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, the Steve
Irwin has headed back to sea again to finish the voyage halfway around the
globe to the Mediterranean where we will go head-to-head with the meanest
and toughest bluefin tuna poachers on the planet!

In this edition of the Sea Shepherd E-News, I have details about our newest
campaign, Operation Blue Rage, as well as information about additional
efforts being made in the Galapagos to raise awareness for the sharks, and a
surprising story about Japan's most recent move to try to keep Sea Shepherd
from returning to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary at the end of this year
to intervene against their illegal operations yet again.

With your ongoing help we continue to make a difference.

Operation Blue Rage:
2010 Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Defense Campaign

Operation Blue Rage aims to stop a variety of criminal activities leading to
the extinction of bluefin tuna. The species currently faces illegal poaching
and extreme overfishing. Populations have fallen by at least 85% since the
industrial fishing era began.

In response, as the bluefin tuna's last defense, Sea Shepherd will actively
enforce conservation laws by opposing the poaching currently threatening the
species in the Mediterranean during Operation Blue Rage. 

Operation Blue Rage

The Steve Irwin is en route across the Atlantic Ocean as you read this. Sea
Shepherd is determined to curb the decline of the bluefin tuna, because
extinction is forever.

Sea Shepherd Galapagos Local Shark Awareness Outreach

With a full page article in the local newspaper el Colono, Sea Shepherd
Galapagos has started a six-month project to raise awareness among the local
island inhabitants regarding the need for the protection of sharks.

                              Credit: el Colono

Sea Shepherd Galapagos shark defense efforts featured in el Colono During
the project, Sea Shepherd Galapagos will post ongoing advertisements in the
local newspaper and present daily messages on the local radio station. These
efforts will aim to inform the local community about the importance of
sharks and just how cruel the act of shark finning really is. (more)

Operation No Compromise: Defending the Sanctuary

Unless a quota of zero whale kills is established, Sea Shepherd ships and
crew will return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in December 2010 to
once again intervene against illegal Japanese whaling activities.

We reject the compromise being brokered by nations like New Zealand and the
United States with Japan. Sea Shepherd's next campaign will be called
Operation No Compromise in recognition of our rejection of the compromise
deal on the table before the International Whaling Commission. (more)

                            Credit: Glenn Lockitch

Bob Barker and Nishin Maru




&#xfeff;&#xfeff;We have the ships. We have a crew armed with compassion, an
optimistic courage to take action, the experience to make a difference, and
the resolve to take on great and formidable odds to defend the rights of
species to survive and our oceans to thrive.

Please continue to stand with us in these turbulent times. Your support is
our lifeblood. Thank-you!

For the oceans,
Captain Paul Watson
Founder and President
Tel: +1 (360) 370-5650
Fax: +1 (360) 370-5651

Captain's Commentary
Captain Watson

Japan Accuses Captain
Paul Watson of Obstructing Japanese Whaling Operations:
"Duh, ya think?"

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My piece from tonight's event

- we finally made a good public recording. I had 10 minutes, went 5.
Came out really well and the improv was the best I've done in a while.
Do have a listen.

Homeless and inworld

Lost my place in SL a while ago
Just happened when permissions changed
Distrust land, land gets you nowhere
Carry your stuff with you, wherever you go
There's no place to rest, no place to stretch out
Me, I like to stretch out, talk with anyone around
No one's around in these vacated lands
No one's got permissions, least of all me

Everyone's bellies are full of prims
They don't even have to put them away,
Me, they're just what I got on my back
Look at me, falling from the sky

Empty's the world, the first and the second
They're one and the same, busy hands at work
They take pennies from the little guy
The rich get rich, the poor get you know what

The coffers overflow in first and second lives
All money's virtual, wherever it's kept
I've never seen a coffer, wouldn't know if I did
But if something overflows, you can bet there's money there

Wait, I've got a few more lines to go
Wearing the stuff I own slows me up a bit
Want a glowing prim, just give me food
Or shelter from nothing at all, I'm just tired of falling

More and more we're learning how intelligent the rest of the world is...

- Alan

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