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May 15, 2010

example of an unsuccessful machine

as no avatar at all can keep up with its furious pace.
really nothing is happening but clever redraws.
julu twine doesn't know that and i won't tell.
mach17 because it's going nowhere at all.
the avatar doesn't think there's anywhere to go anyway.
s/he goes around in the very best circles.
s/he doesn't know that and doesn't know much else.
s/he doesn't know there's nothing to know.
the secret's in the machinery doing nothing.
machinery-doing-nothing isn't the same as absurd machinery.
it's machinery that doesn't affect anything but is just redrawn.
as i always have said rewrite is the name of the game.
both game and name disappear when rewrite disappears.
but s/he doesn't know one effect from another if any at all.
in any case the avatar makes a dizzying spectacle.
the spectacle has amazingly few moire or other optical illusions.
nothing at all seems to happen except for rewrite and redraw.
rewrite and redraw are pretty much the same thing s/he thinks.
they're just inscription starting and ending somewhere else.
or they're just a flicker in hir imagination.
la la la, she doesn't care at all.

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