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May 19, 2010

within iii
section 1: colors of the skin
section 2: entranced embedding
section 3: objet a

womb or mou

womb or mou warmed (nietzsche)  in (nietzsche) (nietzsche) in (nietzsche)
*steady-state turbulence phenomena *steady-state summary in *steady-state
the of these internet of these text the these these internet were prepared
june they providence; june they they in war[r] adding: providence; war[r]
summary turbulence phenomena summary materials in materials concerning
turbulence materials the summary materials structure materials materials
within2: of and these machine, with virtual, text were for these were the
were were the prepared prepared elo for action in resolutely action the in
resolutely the the mirrored textural hin2: wi he addi ely mirrored in ual,
comple ual, comple he er, womb or also these beneath also are beneath
short short these short but are short cycles cycles machines and flesh,
machines real flesh, following machines structure concerning concerning
and the concerning nature and the nature with worlds, energy and, bustling
energy at with energy least energy energy least and, and, for at and,
several for at several several at animals* these from animals* these
animals* animals* are beneath animals* need also short be short but heard
but but heard be but only heard need this within1: with between the flesh,
in of open run at least in same wide textural mirrored textural byplay in
textural within2: the textural with completing interior within1:
completing interior the and interior action several cycles least cycles
flesh, for cycles and several cycles real ion of ligh e phenomena in ure
and na ruc zsche) *s er, womb or mou h graces, cycle. let fecundity cycle.
cycle. fecundity cycle. the let the flesh machine, between flesh real
flesh flesh real and flesh and real and real with and for and adding: the
eyes and materials several energy warmed prepared conference elo for
conference conference for conference this the needs a simply from wi ion
3: obje bu he same ween flesh and machine, real cycle.  ru he grea ual in
all good graces, fecundi ual in all good graces, harbor greatest love
harbor greatest not greatest truths. not truths. warmed in ruc he elo
conference he elo conference ure and na e phenomena hesaurus of problema
hesaurus of problema h animals* benea ched wi wo s , tune and iii
hopefully and within1&2: within hopefully within1&2: iii and vir hin iii
wi o be wa need be heard only once o be wa ween flesh and lights two run
in and, for turbulence same wide byplay texture and were in e phenomena in
he in ure of war in vir ling wi he he in ure of he elo war in bustling in
in with worlds, virtual with bustling virtual energy virtual machines, all
in machines, good all virtual good good in good nature iii with interior
in and june the with within1&2: of flesh, virtual ranced embedding sec ion
2: en es re/ ion 2: en bu bu ranced embedding sec of and mappings it and
and re/testure and thesaurus re/testure and of fecundity all good let good
graces, let graces, graces, it fecundity conference leas ual machines, vir
he possibili ex his june in providence;  two out it much out re/testure
out out mappings of of mappings re/testure simplest it the narratives
cycle. the harbor the the the narratives short, needs watched needs to
with to to with watched to eyes with be eyes 3: entranced 3: objet
embedding 3: a section 3: simply 3: objet from objet objet from simply
objet with from a with with simply with animals* simply nature the nature
of structure nature the and of internet nature of text run strange solos
off kamanche solos the solos run same run run same off run tune same off
tune tune the and and the and hopefully same and within only only be only
once be once this heard once is once once very this once mou er, womb or
mou ex ely mirrored in hin2: wi h warmed in he addi er, *steady-state in
(nietzsche) phenomena (nietzsche) in (nietzsche) possibilities flesh,
flesh, possibilities flesh, virtual of virtual fecundi ives harbor re/ he
re/ es ives harbor ru hesaurus of problema and following the real
following possibilities machines following of skin thesaurus section
section of section 1: problematic section colors skin of skin section of
section entranced the section entranced section section embedding 2:
section section entranced 2: section embedding 2: 3: skin section of
section section the 1: 1: the of 1: skin the colors skin short, is this
short, very this needs needs is needs to very needs be simplest the harbor
simplest greatest the narratives greatest greatest the they war[r] texture
war[r] war[r] texture adding: adding: of the within1: interior resolutely
the action mirrored interior action in action mappings the of the the
problematic thesaurus the skin of thesaurus skin following following of
the the real possibilities the flesh, of adding: war of the war war the
war in texture war virtual of in worlds, conference june elo this in
conference this providence; june this they in truths. two love truths.
much not love much much love out out not out of the textural eyes tune
summary for energy in solos two and worlds, cycles and, for summary tune
wide byplay the and prepared real with and for and open wide kamanche two
open kamanche strange open solos solos two solos machine, real and vir ion
resolu erior ac hin1&2: be wo s he same he in ex ual machines, vir narra
he simples ies of real flesh, vir ling wi leas machines, real virtual
virtual flesh, virtual in virtual virtual all and and machine, virtual,
virtual, machine, virtual, completing real virtual, and and virtual,
within1: completing completing the and eyes watched wide wide watched wide
open with wide two eyes wide strange within2: addition of with of lights
the of and addition of water, of of hopefully between between within
between flesh iii between and within1&2: textural byplay the within2:
byplay addition with byplay addition the water, or warmed womb or in or
mouth warmed mouth in mouth warmed in water, lights of womb water, lights
womb womb and or or and or mouth solos strange water, worlds, cycles and
iii with action providence; and womb or nou (nietzsche)

(Jacques Yerby sent me the url - this is strangely moving, and reminds us 
how much we've lost with Derrida's passing. - Alan)

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Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 14:54:51
From: Center for Biological Diversity <>
Subject: Help Stop the "Dirty Air Act" and Safeguard the Clean Air Act

                       Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Alan,


Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is at it again. Last week, she blocked
attempts to raise the ludicrously low cap on oil-company liability for
catastrophes such as the Gulf of Mexico explosion and spill. This week,
she's moving to stop the EPA from implementing one of our most successful
environmental laws -- the Clean Air Act -- to curb global warming. 

The EPA's recent common-sense finding that greenhouse gas pollution
endangers public health -- a finding years in the making and finally ordered
as a result of a Supreme Court decision -- is the first step in actually
implementing the Clean Air Act to curb greenhouse pollution. Murkowski's
"Dirty Air Act," likely to be heard in the Senate this week, would reverse
this gain and stop the EPA from using the Clean Air Act to curb global

Coming just weeks after the explosion and ensuing oil spill that's
threatening life in and around the Gulf of Mexico, Murkowski's aggressive
move to gut the Clean Air Act is almost surreal. After all, only through
rigorous limits on carbon pollution will we ever break our dangerous
addiction to oil and end the needless damage to people and ecosystems that
comes with offshore oil development. 

As oil continues to gush into the Gulf, now more than ever we need to pull
out all the stops to oppose Murkowski's "Dirty Air Act." Please take action
today: Tell your senators you oppose the "Dirty Air Act" and that they
should oppose all efforts to gut the Clean Air Act, whether standalone or
included in climate legislation.

Click here to find out more and take action.

If you have trouble following the link, go to


Sample letter:

Subject: Oppose Murkowski Amendment to Reverse EPA's Endangerment Finding -
Protect the Clean Air Act

As oil continues to spill into the Gulf of Mexico, please vote NO on Senator
Murkowski's amendment to reverse the EPA's finding that greenhouse gases
endanger public health under the Clean Air Act, and please OPPOSE any moves
to roll back the Act.  

In response to the science and a Supreme Court ruling, the EPA is finally
enforcing one of our nation's most successful environmental laws, the Clean
Air Act, in the urgent fight against global warming. The Clean Air Act works
and provides proven, successful tools for reducing greenhouse pollution; it
has protected the air we breathe for four decades and is directly
responsible for saving lives, improving health, and decreasing
hospitalizations and lost school and work days. According to the EPA, in
2010 the Clean Air Act will save 23,000 lives and prevent 1.7 million asthma
attacks, 4.1 million lost work days, and more than 68,000 hospitalizations
and emergency-room visits.   

The Clean Air Act saves money and protects our economy. In its first two
decades alone, the Act provided pollution reduction benefits 42 times
greater than the estimated costs of regulation, including decreased
healthcare costs and reduced lost work time worth $22.2 trillion.

If implemented by the EPA as required by existing law, the Clean Air Act
will produce similar benefits while reducing greenhouse pollutants and
moving us away from our dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.

Please oppose Senator Murkowski's amendment to reverse the EPA's
endangerment finding and any attempts to roll back the Clean Air Act's
ability to curb greenhouse gas pollution.


Please take action by August 30, 2010.

Donate now to support our work.

Smokestacks photo courtesy Flickr Commons/brianjmatis.

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Center for Biological Diversity

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Tucson, AZ 85702



unthinking (check the videos, skim the text, they're intertwined) - not what you think,
  but greatly enlarged texture maps producing color field interiorities
  from second life - possibly what you think,
  julu twine in dance with foofwa d'imobilite and maud liardon, all
  doing duet avatar grange

c?, ?c, paucity of c-digraphemes in the internet text

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like a medicine [12:09] >>> Cate: Quindi permettetemi di delineare ci che
accaduto [19:43] cu wonderfully pack ..a a i mmunalitie kin. Fir
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 19 May 2010 22:48:59
From: moderator@PORTSIDE.ORG
Subject: Why are Whites Five Times Richer Than Blacks in the US?

A $95,000 question: Why are Whites Five Times Richer
Than Blacks in the US?

- Study finds gaping racial divide in household assets
- Economic policies blamed for growing inequality

By Chris McGreal in Washington
The Guardian (UK)
May 172010

A huge wealth gap has opened up between black and white
people in the US over the past quarter of a century - a
difference sufficient to put two children through
university - because of racial discrimination and
economic policies that favour the affluent.

A typical white family is now five times richer than
its African-American counterpart of the same class,
according to a report released today by Brandeis
University in Massachusetts.

White families typically have assets worth $100,000
(??69,000), up from $22,000 in the mid-1980s. African-
American families' assets stand at just $5,000, up from
around $2,000.

A quarter of black families have no assets at all. The
study monitored more than 2,000 families since 1984.

"We walk that through essentially a generation and what
we see is that the racial wealth gap has galloped, it's
escalated to $95,000," said Tom Shapiro, one of the
authors of the report by the university's Institute on
Assets and Social Policy.

"That's primarily because the whites in the sample were
able to accumulate financial assets from their $22,000
all the way to $100,000 and the African-Americans'
wealth essentially flatlined."

The survey does not include housing equity, because it
is not readily accessible and is rarely realised as
cash. But if property were included it would further
widen the wealth divide.

Shapiro says the gap remains wide even between blacks
and whites of similar classes and with similar jobs and

"How do we explain the wealth gap among equally-
achieving African-American and white families? The same
ratio holds up even among low income groups. Finding
ways to accumulate financial resources for all low and
moderate income families in the United States has been
a huge challenge and that challenge keeps getting
steeper and steeper.

"But there are greater opportunities and less
challenges for low and moderate income families if
they're white in comparison to if they're African-
American or Hispanic," he said.

America has long lived with vast inequality, although
40 years ago the disparity was lower than in Britain.

Today, the richest 1% of the US population owns close
to 40% of its wealth. The top 25% of US households own

The rest is divided up among middle and low income
Americans. In that competition white people come out
far ahead.

Only one in 10 African-Americans owns any shares. A
third do not have a pension plan, and among those who
do the value is on average a fifth of plans held by

Shapiro says one of the most disturbing aspects of the
study is that wealth among the highest-income African-
Americans has actually fallen in recent years, dropping
from a peak of $25,000 to about $18,000, while among
white counterparts of similar class and income it has
surged to around $240,000.

In 1984, high-income black Americans had more assets
than middle-income whites. That is no longer true.

"I'm a pretty jaded and cynical researcher in some way,
but this was shocking, quite frankly, a really
important dynamic," said Shapiro. "This represents a
broken chain of achievement. In the United States
context, when we are thinking about racial equality and
the economy we have focused for a long time on equal

"Equal opportunity assumes that some people who have
that opportunity are going to have pretty high
achievements in terms of their jobs, their work, their
income, their home ownership.

"The assumption in a democracy is that merit and
achievement are going to be rewarded and the rewards
here are financial assets. We should see some rough
parity and we don't."

The report attributes part of the cause to the
"powerful role of persistent discrimination in housing,
credit and labour markets. African-Americans and
Hispanics were at least twice as likely to receive
high-cost home mortgages as whites with similar
incomes," the report says.

Although many black families have moved up to better-
paying jobs, they begin with fewer assets, such as
inheritance, on which to build wealth. They are also
more likely to have gone into debt to pay for
university loans.

"African-Americans, before the 1960s, first by law and
then by custom, were not really allowed to own
businesses. They had very little access to credit.
There was a very low artificial ceiling on the wealth
that could be accumulated. Hence there was very little,
if anything, that could be passed along to help their
children get to college, to help their children buy
their first homes, or as an inheritance when they die,"
said Shapiro.

Since the 1980s, US administrations have also geared
the tax system to the advantage of the better off.
Taxes on unearned income, such as shares and
inheritance, fell sharply and are much lower than taxes
on pay.

"The more income and wealth people had, the less it was
taxable," said Shapiro.

There were also social factors, the study found. "In
African-American families there is a much larger
extended network of kin as well as other obligations.
From other work we've done we know that there's more
call on the resources of relatively well-off African-
American families; that they lend money that's not
given back; they help cousins go to school. They help
brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, with all kinds
of legal and family problems," said Shapiro.

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