The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

May 22, 2010

word baghdad

a struggle, this one
a name and voice buried in themselves, this had
a sped voice and name, this hurried through
and darkened and returned, this cried out
and cried out a struggle, this one
and added something of literature and violence, this fell
something of names lost and worn, this called out adding
with those missing in action and inaction, this fell out
   this fell out, this called out, this one cried out,
   this hurried through, this one had a struggle

hir dark exchange

hir home which illuminates hir
hir movement s/he wants you to listen
s/he wants you to hear hir
to hear hir soon in hir sky world s/he has formed
hir home where s/he is in hir pleasure
in hir sky world lumens and dancing
and breathing in hir sky world s/he breathes
and wants hir dancing with you
s/he wants hir dancing with you

this thin and fragile file is hir present
s/he passes hir present in thin and dark exchange
what is dark is clear and hir sky world is clear
and dancing hir present in hir sky world
and hir thin and fragile file in hir present

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