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May 27, 2010

"language, the economy of the imaginary"

occurring in the presence of the symbol's repetition
configurations that are corralled in
coming together as if there are repetitions but not quite
the "not quite" provides whatever constitutes meaning
or if "quite" than the meaning is monolithic and everywhere the same
and that is not the case, as careful observation demonstrates
so there are regimes, chaotic phenomena, the appearance of order
and these are the orderings of chaotic regimes, these are meanings

"Transjunctional operations become unavoidable as soon as a system shifts
from first-order to second-order observations, or, in Gunther's termin-
ology, to polycontextural observations. This comes very close to Derrida's
attempt to transcend the limitations of a metaphysical phrase that allows
for only two states: being and non-being." (Niklas Luhmann, Deconstruction
as Second-Order Observing)

(thanks to Fau Ferdinand and God who made my dancing SL legs)

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