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May 29, 2010

moira moire

dynamic spaces with consistent parameters verging on chaos:
a. recording fps moired/harmonics with producing/visual fps
b. recording fps interfering with producing/visual fps
c. human processing, short-term memory, spatial recognitions
d. little textual material here - dynamic writing: the inscription
is that of the space itself, folding, depleting, interfering
e. studies or pieces or studies for pieces or pieces for studies -
pieces for study
f. 'Photographic un-realism, like the sliding of meaning.'
(Alix's Journal, Alix Cleo Roubaud)
g. an arrival is always anticipated, an arrival is never anticipated
h. my world will not let me die, your world will not let you die, etc.
i. or my world requires my death, your world requires your death
j. or your world requires my death, my world requires your death
k. back to the appearance of things themselves, their selves
l. how in music does the instrument accompany the voice, such gaps!
m. protruding spaces, caverns, inverted cones, scanning, scanned
n. without recording, the secret life of 70 fps, with recording,
the debris of 7 fps
o. i remember, i remember, i remember - the world is sick of us
p. the world is sick of us, the word is sick of us, we're sick
of the word, the word is a sickness
q. of the word, a sickness, of the scanning of cones and inversions,
work, or a work, or a word
r. to search, not to find end or origin, not to find search, search
and beseech, beseech and search
s. so many frames a second ...

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