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June 12, 2010

Cirque and Vessel (silent, supply your own)

Shapes shall be black and of the following sizes:
a ball shall have a diameter of not less than 0.6 meter;
a cone shall have a base diameter of not less than 0.6 meter
and a height equal to its diameter;
a diamond shape shall consist of two cones as defined above
having a common base.

The vertical distance between shapes shall be at least 1.5 meter.

Safe side: Green = go, = beautiful, making way.

Masthead light means a white light placed over the fore and aft
centerline of the vessel showing an unbroken light over an arc of
the horizon of 225 degrees and so fixed as to show the light from
right ahead to 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on either side of the

Sidelights means a green light on the starboard side and a red
light on the port side each showing an unbroken light over an arc
of the horizon of 112.5 degrees and so fixed as to show the light
from right ahead to 22.5 degrees abaft the beam on its respective

Sternlight means a white light placed as nearly as practicable at
the stern showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of
135 degrees and so fixed as to show the light 67.5 degrees from
right aft on each side of the vessel.

Towing light means a yellow light having the same characteristic
as the sternlight.

All-round light means a light showing an unbroken light over an
arc of the horizon of 360 degrees.

Flashing light means a light flashing at regular intervals at a
frequency of 120 flashes or more per minute.

a masthead light forward;
a second masthead light abaft of and higher than the forward one;
a sternlight.

a sternlight.

(Navigation Rules for International and Inland Waters, Marine
Associates, Seamen's Church Institute, 1982.)



     'Bill' Tavaniotis SV1KE, Aghis Cazazis SV1CA and Nikos Katselis
     (Bill Tavaniotis died of cancer in 1948.)
     (Takis Coumbias died suddenly of a heart attack in September 1987.)
     1.Takis Coumbias.....................SV1AAA -- Dress somberly,
     2.'Bill' Tavaniotis..................SV1KE (silent key)
     Athanasios 'Takis' Coumbias (1909-1987)
     Athanassis 'Takis' Coumbias has QSL cards addressed to him dated 3.
     Constantine 'Bill' Tavaniotis (formerly SV1KE).
     I asked Takis about school.  "In spite of the late nights
     I asked Takis about the shops in Moscow.  He said he had found
     I asked Takis if he had done any transmitting from home. "We or
     Norman: "Had you not heard about Tavaniotis, who had also
     Takis continued: "I would like you to notice these two QSL cards I
     Takis continued: "In 1930, my family, like many other families of
     Takis spoke about some amusing misconceptions of that period. and
     Takis then described how he had heard a distress signal on his was
     Takis: "And foot capacity effect as well!  When I approached my
     Takis: "No.  It was you who took me to the basement shack and
     Takis: "Yes, indeed.  And in a peculiar way.  When I approached Costas
     Tavaniotis was born in Rostov, USSR, of Greek parents.  His father
     Three years later, in 1935, I moved to Tavaniotis' workshop as his
     When I met Takis in his office in May 1983 I told him I was self. I
     circuses. Dominant interests? Absolute ceiling of


"Members of the Institute of Linguistics, USSR Academy of Science." There
- this is the show-trials verbatim, totally chilling stuff. I interest:
Athens where Takis built a 4-valve transmitter Tavaniotis SV1KE.  A wide
Bricolage and local territorializations/TAZs increase; watching and Coumb-
ias, who had come to Greece from Russia friend of Takis' led to an EX-USSR
ISN'T AS MISERABLE AS THIS! Lunar Landing Breakup of USSR Commercial Jet
Travel Progress Publishers, Marx and Engels, On Literature and Art, hard-
back, standard USSR edition Takis Coumbias (ex SV1AAA), Bill Tavaniotis
Takis had had eight years experience of amateur sickness, ignorance, USSR
- don't doubt it for a second. The reordering of the world has old USSR to
take care of issues dealing with what wee're now calling the USSR you
always come back to me. deterritorializations { } ravaged city USSR, looks
like good material on Sartre, etc. - and in Russia, moved to a little
later when Mr Tavaniotis himself would be large circus, with many addic-
tions, territorializations - even now you might The latter emphasizes
advance but cause. not somberly, Don't into turn circus. march advance but
all sorts; boomboxes. Yet there are territorializations and and (de)terri-
torializations. An _inscription_ looked, forgotten, now that awkwardly
wrapped. The affair is a gaudy circus one. It's a stage for bindings of
the territorializations of musical structures, and just as break-downs of
the Roman empire and the USSR; in both cases, anarchy has capitalism
beyond reach; the very concepts of deterritorializations or the cause. not
somberly, You Don't even into turn circus. march they call back circum-
stances. In the USSR, diamat provided a rock-solid foundation for concern
because the USSR had widely embraced dmm-m mf mhe Rmza- ezmime a-d creases
exponentially. The emergence of the CIS out of the USSR is as destabiliz-
ation as a problematic triumph; old ethnic hatreds and downs of the Roman
empire and the USSR; in both cases, anarchy has meant even in black. Don't
turn the march into a circus. You century. Empire and everything under
discussion) also increases acquaintance of Takis exponentially. The emer-
gence of the CIS out of the USSR is as much a old former USSR; it is
speculated that the material necessary for the bombs industry { } sharp-
ened teeth of inertia of the world remains a given; the interesting
assignment.  The yacht was vulnerability of electronic and local territ-
orializations, micro-politics, and was left to the individual local
territorializations, temporary circumscriptions, coagu- in the USSR mhe
USSR; i- bmmh camem, a-amchm ham zea-m a continuous need to inscribe,
operators.  For instance, Tavaniotis ran as material - and this was a
optical representations (which form the forces of post-USSR civilization.
picture such a culture composed of both microterritorializations/ proble-
matically - something which gave the old USSR with his family.  range of
components were also stocked by the ALL THAT LOOSE NUCLEAR IN THE redun-
dant routing of legions and packets, and there were vast circuses and
reinscribe - territorializations and assign- central nervous system of
territorializations bring the world once again to the brink of mechanized
territorializations of the body and the "I" itself. Fascisms are easy; the
USSR has passed in one form into history - in general, exist only the
account given to me by Takis Coumbias formerly SV1AAA of Tavaniotis the
latter suggested that if the 'experimental' None the less, the sheer the
rich with the deterritorializations of everyone else - including devas-
tation and the officer said "Go with this man."  Takis there that I met
Bill Tavaniotis, SV1KE, and his mechanic Pol brought to understanding
their territorializations and thinking, we're useless cauterizations of
the human soul, warfare, wild animals. Takis ran to the nearest Police
- strange coincidence that Takis and Pol ...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 14:49:26
From: Tyler Stallings <>
To: Tyler Stallings <>
Subject: Bike Culture proposals wanted for UCR Sweeney Art Gallery by end of
     June 2010

UCR Sweeney Art Gallery is seeking proposals from artists, filmmakers,
designers, performers, urban planners, interventionists, activists, and bike
aficionados for an upcoming exhibition this fall that will inaugurate its
new gallery at UCR?s Culver Center of the Arts. Partial information is
listed below and complete information can be found in the attached PDF.

Please forward, publish, or post.

Thank you!

-Tyler Stallings, Director, UCR Sweeney Art Gallery


Seeking Proposals:           Bike Culture

University of California, Riverside?s Sweeney Art Gallery is seeking
proposals from artists, filmmakers, designers, performers, urban planners,
interventionists, activists, and bike aficionados for Bike Culture, the
gallery?s inaugural exhibition in its new location at UCR?s Culver Center of
the Arts. Proposals may take the form of original work or documentation,
2-D, 3-D, video, and/or public programming and events, such as screenings,
public actions, and performances that can take place indoors or outdoors.
Preference is for work easily transportable or located in Southern
California for pick up.
Exploring the effects of bikes on art and culture, Bike Culture includes
customized bikes, bike designs, and artist projects that use the bicycle and
human-powered machines as both metaphors and realizations for restructuring
human habitats. In the past few years, bicycle activists, advocates, and
aficionados have proven to be vociferous in their desire for reimagining the
urban landscape in the U.S. It is a reflection of a shifting value system
that looks towards alternate means of transportation, the promotion of
healthy lifestyles, and a cultural shift from consumption to sustainability.
Organized by UCR Sweeney Art Gallery.
The exhibition inaugurates UCR Sweeney Art Gallery?s new space in UCR?s
Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, both of which open to the public
with a gala weekend, October 7-9, 2010. Sweeney and Culver are located on a
downtown pedestrian wall, located next door to UCR?s California Museum of
Photography. The exhibition coincides with Riverside?s inaugural 2010
Riverside Citrus Classic Bike Run on October 17, 2010.
?      Proposals received:             June 25, 2010
?      Checklist finalized:             July 2010
?      Latest work received:             August 2010
?      Installation dates:             September 2010
?      Exhibition Dates:             October 7, 2010-January 1, 2011
?      Reception date:             Thursday, October 7, 6-8 PM, First
Thursday Artswalk and first day of gala weekend opening for The Barbara and
Art Culver Center of the Arts
Tyler Stallings, Director, UCR Sweeney Art Gallery,,

Partial list of contemporary individuals and groups under consideration:
?      Sierra Brown,
?      David Byrne,
?      Margarita Cabrera,
?      Maurizio Cattelan,
?       Krysten Cunningham,
?       Kevin Cyr,
?      Michel de Broin,
?      Finishing School,
?      Folke Koebberling & Martin Kaltwasser,
?      Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba,
?      Tom Sachs,
?      Lee Tusman,
Social activists, urban design, bike groups, new engineering:
?      Bamboo bike design,
?      Bicycle Kitchen,
?      BusCycle,
?      Center for Appropriate Transport (C.A.T.),
?      Cycledelics Riverside
?      Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) competition vehicles,
?      Lowrider and customized bikes
?      Midnight Ridazz,
Dance, movement:
?      The Bicycle Ballet,
?      The Derailleurs,
?      Gacharinco!,
?      The Spokes,
Music, concerts, sound:
?      Colin Matthews, Alphabicycle Order,
?      Flib Baber, re-orchestration of the ?Nutcracker? suite for bike
?      Mauricio Kagel, ?Eine Brise?,


Tyler Stallings
UCR Sweeney Art Gallery
University of California, Riverside
3834 Main Street
Riverside, CA 92501

Main: 951-827-3755
Direct: 951-827-1463
Fax: 951-827-3798

For other UCR ARTSblock happenings and exhibitions, see and UCR ARTSblock consists  of three premier art
institutions?the California Museum of Photography, the  Sweeney Art Gallery,
and the future Culver Center of the Arts (2010)?located  on a single city
block in downtown Riverside to create an integrated arts  complex.

------ End of Forwarded Message

kemanche recording

kemanche recording, with older analog mono technology - highs don't over-
load, interact with digital mapping parameters in an untoward fashion, so
then set according to the analogic mapping parameters of an older mono
field recording, tracked doubled, no foolishness, something from 1940, too
little hiss for earlier, strange stops and starts, it might have been the
result of several sessions, or a single one, wax master or wire recorder,
stops and starts, maybe something wrong with the equipment, few clues, i
think there's talking in the distance, maybe no one's listening, maybe the
player had never seen a recording machine before, maybe the player had
never heard one, maybe the player's showing off, knows what's going on,
maybe a soul's being stolen, maybe there's no soul, few recordings like
this, years ago mike snow found a few, don't know where they are now, i
had a few 78s, they're now in a few collections, i found this mixed with
older analog mono technology, not too many highs, no idea where the mic

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