The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 2, 2010


where maud, foofwa, azure, and alan performed, above the aletsch
and now vanquished and evanescent memories

we offered our soul to the glaciers

we offered our hearts to beautiful performing
and the sky stayed clear and day turned to day and not evening
and the snow and ice did not deceive us, nor did the sun, nor clouds

it was always as it had always been, but we above
played our song and dance, our lives, to the permanence of the alps

happiness and torment were ours forever, tears and smiles
as if this could never last, this small outcrop above the glacier,
these people at the edge, after so many tears, so much laughter

ah, what would we have given to return to the origin of snow and ice
and their centuries-long moving, and the exaltation of the sky

soon my eyes shall close, and worlds will disappear
and our alpsong, sadly vanquished, lost in the wake of memory

it's true one can never return home again after long and painful

and it's true one can never return, even to this noon,
of a day of sadness, of a day of dance and song

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