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July 3, 2010

IThe ICorporate ITakeover Iof IPhilosophy

IThe IWake IPhilosophical IConsequences Iof Ithe IFetishization Iof
Ithe IEgo IUnder ICapital

IThis Iis Ithe Ibeginning Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal.
IThere Iis Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Iour Iworld.
IThe Iworld Ipresents Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Ius.
IOur Isenses Iconstruct Ia Icertain Istyle Ito Ithe Iworld.
IThe Istyle Iof Ithe Iworld Iis Ithe Iworld Iincomplete.
IInstrumentation Iextended Ithese Isenses.
IWe Idirectly Iobserve Ionly Ilimited Imodalities.
IThere Iare Imodalities Iinaccessible Iexcept Ithrough Iinstrumentation.
IInstrumentation Itransforms Ibandwidths Iof Imodalities.
IOur Isenses Ileave Ia Iwake Iin Ithe Iworld.
ICultures Iorient Iwakes.
IWakes Ipossess Iimpermeable Icores.
IThe Iorientation Iof Iwakes Iconstructs Imeaning.
IThe Iconstruct Iof Imeaning Ifounders Iand Iis Ifounded Ion Iabjection.
IAbjection Iis Ithe Iirresolute Ideconstruction Iof Ithe Ibody.
IThe Ibody Iis Ithe Isite Iof Ithe Iconstruct Iof Imeaning.
IMeaning Iand Ibody Iare Ia Imess.
IThe Iworld Iis Iconsistent.
IInconsistency Iis Ithe Iresult Iof Iover- Ior Ide-cathecting.
IOvercathecting Iimplies Ithe Ierror Iof Iinerrancy.
IDecathecting Iimplies Ithe Ifragility Iof Iinvested Idomains.
ICathecting Iwavers Ibetween Iovercathecting Iand Idecathecting
IDetermination Iwavers Ibetween Ioverdetermination Iand Iindeterminacy.
IScience Iis Ithe Iabsorption Iof Ianomaly Iby Iconstruct.
IConstruct Iand Imeaning Iare Iboot-strapped.
IBoot-strapping Ioccurs Ithroughout Ithe Iwake Iamong Isentient Ibeings.
INo Isentience, Ino Iwake.
IThe Iwake Iis Ialways Ialready Iunder Ierasure, Idisappearance.
IThe Ire-mark Iof Ithe Iwake Iis Ihistory;
  Ithe Imark Iof Ithe Iwake Iis Ideath.
IAlways Ia Imark, Inever Ia Idemarcation.
IInscription Idrowns Iand Icoalesces Iin Ithe Iwake.
IInscription Idwells Iin Isentience.
IThe Idisorders Iof Isentience, Iorders Iof Ithe Ireal.
IThe Idisorders Iof Ithe Ireal, Iorders Iof Isentience.
IInscription Iis Inever Iinscribed.
IThis Iis Ithe Iend Iof Ithe IWake Iof Ithe IReal.

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Subject: Ray Kurzweil On 'The Singularity' Future; Warning On Internet's Future

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InformationWeek Daily: Weekend Edition

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"A subtle thought that is in error may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths of great value."-- Isaac Asimov


- Have A Secure Summer Vacation

- Ray Kurzweil On 'The Singularity' Future
- Superhighway To Hell: Why Everything You Know About The Net Is Wrong
- InformationWeek Government Digital Issue

- Google Android Market Under Fire
- Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues
- Q&A: Dr. David Blumenthal On Getting Doctors On Board With EHRs

- Analytics Slideshow: Data Center Operational Trends
- Slideshow: Apple iPhone 4, A True Teardown



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FROM THE EDITOR: Have A Secure Summer Vacation

By Jim Rapoza

With summer now here officially, many of you are most likely planning vacations, and you probably want to be able to connect to the Internet during your vacation. But how do you do this securely?

When you are traveling on business, the answer is typically simple, if you are connecting through a hotel connection or public WiFi hotspot, you use the company VPN to provide added security to your connection.

But what about personal travel? Sometimes it isn?t allowed to use a company VPN for personal use. And for many reasons you may not want to do that anyways. Also, not every company has a VPN, and if you work for yourself you most likely don?t have one either.

So what to do to remain secure? The easiest solution is to use HTTPS enabled sites as much as possible. But not all sites have HTTPS or they only use it for logins and not subsequent traffic. Also, if the WiFi hotspot has been fully compromised by bad guys, there?s always the possibility of man in the middle attacks.


- Ray Kurzweil On 'The Singularity' Future
The noted futurist has released a movie, The Singularity is Near, exploring how technology may reshape the fabric of our physical reality and life experiences.

- Superhighway To Hell
Internet Evolution founder Stephen Saunders believes everything you think you know about Internet's future is wrong. Read why, and join our online discussion.

- InformationWeek Government Digital Issue
This downloadable pdf issue features coverage of InformationWeek's recent Government IT Leadership Forum and an interview with FBI CIO Chad Fulgham.

- Google Android Market Under Fire
A prominent programmer's call for Google to improve its Android Market is echoed by Android users and developers.

- Supreme Court Patent Ruling Avoids Tough Issues
Rejecting the Bilski business method patent claim, the Supreme Court has pleased defenders of the status quo and frustrated those seeking patent reform.

- Q&A: Dr. David Blumenthal On Getting Doctors On Board With EHRs
Nation's health IT coordinator discusses what's at stake for doctors, the potential for consolidation in healthcare market, and what the government is doing to secure e-health records.

- Analytics Slideshow: Data Center Operational Trends
Highlights of exclusive InformationWeek Analytics research as it appears in "Tipping the Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends," an analysis of the approaches for boosting data center efficiency and technological capabilities amid ongoing budgetary pressures.

- Slideshow: Apple iPhone 4, A True Teardown
UBM TechInsights provides a teardown of the iPhone 4, revealing all of the major components, including the processor, the new gyroscope and more.

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