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July 10, 2010

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000.mp3 1minutesaz.mp3 41.mp3 5minutesaz.mp3 AlanAzureMykJazzCafe.mp3
Dev01.mp3 Dev02.mp3 STE-000.mp3 STE-002.mp3 WS_30095.WMA WS_30096.WMA
WS_30097.WMA accord.mp3 acord.mp3 acous1.mp3 acous2.mp3 acous3.mp3 ag1.mp3
ag10.mp3 ag10alt.mp3 ag2.mp3 ag9.mp3 ag9alt.mp3 agclassical.mp3
alanmyk1.mp3 alanmyk2.mp3 alanmyk3.mp3 alanmyk4.mp3 alanmyk5.mp3
alanmyk6.mp3 alanmyk7.mp3 ama1.mp3 ama12.mp3 ama13.mp3 ama14.mp3 ama2.mp3
ama3.mp3 ama4.mp3 ama5.mp3 ama6.mp3 ama7.mp3 amab1.mp3 amab11.mp3
amab12.mp3 amab13.mp3 amab2.mp3 amab3.mp3 amab5.mp3 amab6.mp3 amab7.mp3
amab8.mp3 amab9.mp3 amongfernsyayli1.mp3 ance1.mp3 ance2.mp3 ance3.mp3
answer1.mp3 answer2.mp3 answer3.mp3 answer4.mp3 antelope2.mp3
armegeddon1.mp3 armegeddon2.mp3 askevoldharpclass.mp3 audio.mp3
autumn1.mp3 autumn2.mp3 autumn3.mp3 autumn4.mp3 autumn5.mp3
avatarmanflute1.wav avatarmanflute2.wav avatdream1.mp3 azure [dir]
azurecauldron.mp3 azureidea.mp3 azuremaya.mp3 azuresong02.mp3
azuresong03.mp3 azuresong04.mp3 azuresong05.mp3 azuresong07.mp3 balada.mp3
basprim1.mp3 basprim2.mp3 bbj.mp3 billythekid.mp3 bj1.mp3 bj2.mp3 bj3.mp3
bj4.mp3 bloodtantra1.mp3 bloodtantra1straight.mp3 bloodtantra2.mp3
bloodtantra3.mp3 bloor.mp3 blush1.mp3 blush2.mp3 blush3.mp3 boojum01.mp3
boojum02.mp3 boojum03.mp3 boojum04.mp3 boojum05.mp3 boojum06.mp3
boojum07.mp3 boojum08.mp3 boojum09.mp3 boojum10.mp3 boojum11.mp3 break.mp3
bur2.mp3 bur3.mp3 call0.mp3 call1.mp3 call2.mp3 call3.mp3 caller.mp3
cardon1.mp3 cardon2.mp3 cat.mp3 catsong1.mp3 catsong2.mp3 catsong3.mp3
catstuff1.mp3 catstuff2.mp3 catstuff3.mp3 catstuff4.mp3 ccb.mp3 ccc.mp3
ccp.mp3 chime1.mp3 chime2.mp3 cithara2.mp3 cithara5.mp3 cithara7.mp3
clearing1.mp3 clearing2.mp3 cluster3.mp3 cluster4hissreduct.mp3
cluster5.mp3 cobza.mp3 cobza3.mp3 cobza4.mp3 cobza5.mp3 cobzadandan1.mp3
cobzadandan2.mp3 cobzamorning.mp3 cobzanight.mp3 cobzanoon.mp3
cobzatwitch1.mp3 cobzatwitch2.mp3 cobzatwitch3.mp3 cobzatwitch4.mp3
cobzawinterbeauty.mp3 cor.mp3 cord.mp3 corsair.mp3 ct1.mp3 ct2.mp3
cura1.mp3 cura2.mp3 cura3.mp3 cura4.mp3 curacumbus1.mp3 curacumbus2.mp3
curasaz0.mp3 curasaz1.mp3 curasolo1.mp3 curasolo2.mp3 cured1.mp3
cured2.mp3 darkrobe.mp3 darkrobeii.mp3 davidaskevold.mp3 dawnchorus.mp3
dawnchorusb.mp3 delta.mp3 deltaplain.mp3 denveru1.mp3 denveru2.mp3
denveru3.mp3 dervish1.mp3 dervish2.mp3 dervish3.mp3 dgguitar1.mp3
dgguitar2.mp3 dgguitar3.mp3 dgguitar4.mp3 di1.mp3 di2.mp3 di3.mp3 di4.mp3
dirge.mp3 dirge2.mp3 dizzy.mp3 dldw2.mp3 dontunderstand.mp3 dotecho.mp3
dotechoharp.wav downhill.mp3 dr2.mp3 dr3.mp3 drawnbird.mp3 drge1.mp3
drge2.mp3 drge3.mp3 echoferns1.mp3 electrick1.wav electrick2.wav
electron0.mp3 electron1.mp3 electron2.mp3 electron3.mp3 eo1.mp3 eo2.mp3
eo3.mp3 eo4.mp3 eo5.mp3 esaz0.mp3 esaz1.mp3 esaz2.mp3 esaza.mp3 esazb.mp3
esazd.mp3 esaze.mp3 esazf.mp3 esp.mp3 esp2.mp3 etcchorus.mp3
etckeyboard.mp3 etcviol.mp3 evammusic.mp3 evammusik.mp3 f.mp3 fast1.mp3
fast2.mp3 fast3.mp3 fast4.mp3 fast5.mp3 ferns2.mp3 field.mp3 flesha.mp3
fleshb.mp3 flut1.mp3 flut2.mp3 flut3.mp3 fp4.mp3 fp4a.mp3 fp4b.mp3
fp4c.mp3 fp4d.mp3 gatha1.mp3 gatha10.mp3 gatha11.mp3 gatha12.mp3
gatha13.mp3 gatha15.mp3 gatha16.mp3 gatha2.mp3 gatha4.mp3 gatha6.mp3
gatha7.mp3 gatha8.mp3 gatha9.mp3 gathagatha.mp3 ghostalk1.mp3
ghostalk2.mp3 ghostalk3.mp3 gluon.mp3 gord1.mp3 gord2.mp3 gord3.mp3
grapevine.mp3 gridnoise1.mp3 grutlcomp1.mp3 grutlcomp2.mp3 gui.mp3
guitarsolo.wav hardlybreathe2.wav hardlyremember1.mp3 hardlyremember2.mp3
hardlyremember3.mp3 harp2.wav harporganlap.wav hasapioldnew1.mp3
hasapioldnew2.mp3 hasapitoon.mp3 headhurts1.mp3 headhurts2.mp3
headhurts3.mp3 hegelungoldnew.mp3 hegelungrag.mp3 heruka.mp3 heruka0.mp3
heruka1.mp3 heruka2 heruka2.mp3 hev1.mp3 hev2.mp3 homage.mp3 hybrid1.mp3
hybrid2.mp3 i imp.mp3 ind.mp3 ion2.mp3 ion3.mp3 ion4.mp3 ir1.mp3 ir2.mp3
ivanalansaz.mp3 jazzfoundationbenefit.mp3 jazzlounge2.mp3 jun1.mp3
jun2.mp3 kaddish.mp3 kaddishanew.mp3 kamancheh.mp3 keddusa.mp3 kedusha.mp3
kigali0.mp3 kigali1.mp3 kiralakeperform.mp3 kodeisha.mp3
kroneckerdelta1.mp3 kroneckerdelta2.mp3 kroneckerdelta3.mp3
kroneckerdelta4.mp3 kroneckerdelta5.mp3 kroneckerdelta6.mp3 lauriealan.mp3
lauriealan0.mp3 lelita.mp3 letmebleed.mp3 lightning2.mp3 limbo1.mp3
limbo2.mp3 limbo3.mp3 lineoutesp.mp3 linger1.mp3 linger2.mp3 linger3.mp3
linger4.mp3 linger5.mp3 linger6.mp3 listening.mp3 lofi1.mp3 lofi2.mp3
lofi3.mp3 lofi4.mp3 lofi5.mp3 lofi6.mp3 longsong.mp3 longsong2.mp3
lowed.mp3 lulla1.mp3 lulla2.mp3 lumber0.mp3 lumber1.mp3 lumber2.mp3
lumber4.mp3 lumber5.mp3 lumber6.mp3 luna0.mp3 luna1.mp3 luna2.mp3
luna3.mp3 lur1.mp3 lur2.mp3 lw4.mp3 makingboys2.mp3 mayamaya.mp3
maybe0.mp3 maybe1.mp3 meditate1.mp3 melody.mp3 melody1.mp3 melody2.mp3
melody3.mp3 melody4.mp3 mg1.mp3 mg2.mp3 modeling.mp3 modern1.mp3
modern2.mp3 modern3.mp3 modern4.mp3 modern5.mp3 modern6.mp3 mykalan0.mp3
mykalan1.mp3 mykalan2.mp3 mykalan3.mp3 mykalan4.mp3 mykalan5.mp3
mykalan6.mp3 naiad.mp3 newcobzaode0.mp3 newcobzaode1.mp3 newcobzaode2.mp3
newcobzaode3.mp3 news2.mp3 newsreel.mp3 nfgp1.mp3 nfgp2.mp3 nfgp3.mp3
nfgp4.mp3 node.mp3 node2.mp3 node3.mp3 node4.mp3 notboth.mp3 nulu.mp3
oboe1.mp3 oh.mp3 ohoh1.mp3 ohoh2.mp3 ohoh3.mp3 ohoh4.mp3 one.mp3
oneone.mp3 oneoneone.mp3 oo1.mp3 oo2.mp3 oo3.mp3 oo4.mp3 ouda.mp3 oudb.mp3
oudc.mp3 oudd.mp3 oude.mp3 oudguitar1.mp3 oudguitar2.mp3 oudguitar3.mp3
oudguitar4.mp3 ound0.mp3 ound1.mp3 ound2.mp3 pesach1.mp3 pesach2.mp3
pesach4.mp3 pesach5.mp3 pesach6.mp3 pesach8.mp3 pesach91.mp3 pieds8.mp3
plateau2.mp3 plateau3.mp3 platoscave.mp3 pocket.mp3 pocket2.mp3
pocket3.mp3 pophit0.mp3 pophit1.mp3 pophit2.mp3 pophit3.mp3 pophit4.mp3
pophit5.mp3 pophit6.mp3 porter.mp3 prac.mp3 prac1.mp3 prac2.mp3
pt12nocturne.mp3 pt13krakow.mp3 qin1.mp3 qin2.mp3 qin3.mp3 qin4.mp3
qin5.mp3 qin6.mp3 qin7.mp3 qina.mp3 qinb.mp3 qinc.mp3 qq1.mp3 qq2.mp3
quarterparrot.mp3 rababa1.mp3 radiosong1.mp3 radiosong2.mp3 radiosong3.mp3
rainyday1.mp3 rainyday2.mp3 rainyday3.mp3 rbanding.mp3 rebab.mp3
refusenik1.mp3 refusenik2.mp3 requiemzero.mp3 requiemzerozero.mp3
resonant.mp3 rh1.mp3 rh2.mp3 rh3.mp3 rh4.mp3 riffa1.mp3 riffa2.mp3
riffa3.mp3 riffa4.mp3 riffa4.wav riffb.mp3 rockpunkroll.mp3 rooting.mp3
rooting2.mp3 rootthrone.mp3 saucer.mp3 sazsez1.mp3 sazsez2.mp3 sazzz1.mp3
sazzz2.mp3 scanner1.mp3 scanner2.mp3 secondlifelast.mp3 sect1.mp3
sect2.mp3 sirenz.mp3 ski.mp3 slalom.mp3 slarenalastday.mp3 slonnui.mp3
slopeA.mp3 slopeB.mp3 slough1.mp3 slough2.mp3 sltrip1.mp3 sltrip2.mp3
smallsong0.mp3 smallsong1.mp3 smallsong2.mp3 soloeo.mp3 soloeo1.mp3
soloeo2.mp3 somethingglistening1.wav sonicdance1.mp3 sonicdance2.mp3
sonicdance3.mp3 sparkreceive.mp3 sparkreceiveb.mp3 sparktransmit.mp3
ssaazz.mp3 ssaazz2.mp3 stormdenv2.mp3 stormdenv3.mp3 strum1.mp3
sweetfast.mp3 sweetmed.mp3 sweetslow.mp3 taksimmarriage.mp3 taksimrobe.mp3
tambura1.mp3 tambura2.mp3 tenorbanjoblues.mp3 tenorbanjoopus3.mp3
tenorbanjopipa.mp3 tenornocturne.mp3 tenthparrot.mp3 theme1.mp3 theme2.mp3
tibetcym0.mp3 tibetcym1.mp3 tibetcym1b.mp3 tibetcym2.mp3 tibetcym3.mp3
travel1.mp3 travel2.mp3 travel3.mp3 tube.mp3 tuck1.mp3 tuck2.mp3 tuck3.mp3
u1.mp3 u2.mp3 u3.mp3 u4.mp3 u5.mp3 uke0.mp3 uke1.mp3 uke2.mp3 uke3.mp3
uke4.mp3 uku1.mp3 uku2.mp3 ukubass1.mp3 ukubass2.mp3 ukubassmix.mp3
ukubassremix.mp3 ukufourth1.mp3 ukufourth2.mp3 ukulele1.mp3 ukulele2.mp3
ukulele3.mp3 ukuquarter0.mp3 ukuquarter1.mp3 ukuquarter2.mp3 ululele4.mp3
unit.mp3 unn.mp3 urmymoonshine.mp3 urmysunshine.mp3 uuu1.mp3 uuu2.mp3
uuuttt.mp3 var1.mp3 var2.mp3 var3.mp3 var4.mp3 var5.mp3 var6.mp3
vector.mp3 violin.mp3 vlf2.wav vlfdying0.mp3 vlfdying1.mp3 vlfdying2.mp3
vlfdying3.mp3 vlfdying4.mp3 vlfjune56.mp3 vox2.mp3 whatisit4.mp3
whatisit5.mp3 whatisit6.mp3 whatistumbled,wav.wav whatremains.mp3
wonderwav1.mp3 wonderwav2.mp3 yard.mp3 yard2.mp3 yaylitanbur.mp3 yt.mp3
yt1.mp3 yt2.mp3 yt3.mp3 yta.mp3 ytb.mp3 yth.mp3 yue.ogg yue.wav yy1.mp3
yy2.mp3 yy3.mp3 yy4.mp3 zebulon.mp3 zebulons.mp3 zither1b.mp3 zither3.mp3
zither3b.mp3 zither4.mp3 zither4b.mp3 ziua.mp3 zold1.mp3 zold2.mp3
zold3.mp3 zold4.mp3

Executables - all the files are .exe, executable.
They were made in 2003. One or more will 'stick' to the desktop until
rebooting. None of them have viruses, worms, etc. They're all self-
contained. Some of the images have to be double- or single-clicked on to
start the processes. Some of the processes end by themselves; some just
continue; some of the images themselves differ with each click; some of
the images change with repeated clicking; and so forth. The pieces are
concerned with - maybe 'deal with' - issues of the gaze, language,
reading, sexuality, body, corruption, decay, control, deconstruction,
eroticism. I'm leaving the them up for a while only - if you want them,
download them now. After a while, some of the pieces will move to another
site, and some of the more risque will simply be taken down. The programs
that created these, by the way, were deleted; I wanted the executables to
behave as independent autonomous objects with relatively impermeable
interiors. I don't remember myself how they were made. They were created
with Visual Basic 6, in a flurry of activity over a period of weeks. I've
never been able to take the surface of an image for granted; these pieces
are the result of that failure.

Julu Twine

The real Julu Twine enters the premises. The real Julu Twine
crashes the computer. But not before making hir presence known.
In an untoward way. Contrary way. Mannerisms.

The real Julu Twine breaks down boundaries of avatar, architecture,
installation. The real Julu Twine crashes navigation. But not before
the whirlwind. In a wyward manner. Contradictory means. Ways.

dynamics. processes. the extended or spewed avatar in operation.
the fissured or ruptured installation close to incoherence.

states. operators. the fallen or expanded avatar in process.
the split or incoherent installation close to rupture.

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