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July 11, 2010

astonishing affect

violin in cathedral in violent windstorm with noise suppression
with hint of subdued ornithological meanderings

tonepoem with compressed romantic anguish
agony of flight against unconquerable odds

subaltern's romanticism's astonishing affects
mournful differance of deconstruction's resurrected death

"if i stop i'll die
baby, don't make me cry
if i stop i'll cry
baby don't let me die"

my work sickens me it's so constant i can't describe it
it flickers about its attentioned deficit it's always multitasked
i'm a human person from the future gone to die before everlasting
too much thinking bad spelling grammar-times i moved on
i moved on and after everlasting ended this leaf and a window in a tree
a tree in a window or a frame timeless for further
last further image a maple sidewalk or car a bed white or bed a car
last further image you or wanting to say love glance everlasting
caught in the act that further minute when you see something

so it's early i'm still here breathing i don't know how to breath
i should not have been born into any world hatred my hatred of worlds
no making way or portal nothing want you hear your breathing everlasting
i come from the future i won't return anywhere i would have been

placate the laid-out of tokens enumeration of one and zero
abacus of one stone one place or not at all come from the future
everlasting abacus no one moves no one moving stone or none at all

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