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July 12, 2010

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Subject: Greatest Science "Scandal" "In the History of Man" Predictably Falls

Media Matters: the Greatest Science "Scandal" "In the
History of Man" Predictably Falls Apart
Ben Dimiero
Media Matters
July 09, 2010

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In their never-ending quest to prove that they
understand the intricacies of climate science better
than actual climate scientists, conservative media
figures routinely promote any ridiculous "evidence" they
think undermines the scientific consensus about climate

This is a group that repeatedly points to snowstorms in
February as proof that global warming is not real;
claims that CO2 can't be a pollutant because "we
breathe" it; and ignores actual temperature data to
baselessly claim that the Earth is really "cooling."

Last year, conservative climate change skeptics, in the
words of Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel,
thought they had found a "gold mine." Conservative media
figures seized on emails stolen from climate scientists
and proceeded to completely distort their contents. As
we pointed out repeatedly at the time, this "scandal"
relied on outrageous misrepresentations of the stolen
emails and did not in any way undermine the scientific
consensus about climate change.

Nevertheless, conservative media figures incessantly
hyped the non-scandal with their usual overblown

     * Glenn Beck -- who says he is not a conspiracy
     theorist, remember -- suggested in the wake of
     "Climategate" that climate change is a "scam." He
     also said that if the United Nations'
     Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report
     "had been done by Japanese scientists, there is not
     enough knives on planet Earth for hara-kiri."

     * Noted climatologist Rush Limbaugh, who frequently
     decries the supposed global warming "hoax," proposed
     that all of the scientists involved in "Climategate"
     should be "named and fired, drawn and quartered, or
     whatever it is."

     * Andrew Breitbart called for "capital punishment"
     for NASA scientist James Hansen, because
     "Climategate" was supposedly "high treason."

     * The Washington Times, Michelle Malkin, Ann
     Coulter, Investor's Business Daily, The American
     Spectator's Robert Stacy McCain, Rich Lowry,
     Newsmax's James Hirsen, and Michael Ledeen all
     joined forces to smear the scientific consensus on
     climate change as a "cult."

     * Fox News' Mike Huckabee explained that "Jesus
     would be a truthseeker" while discussing the
     "revelation" that scientists had "cooked" climate
     change data.

The crew at Fox & Friends spent this year's Earth Day
promoting an important cause. No, not encouraging
environmental consciousness -- they devoted the show to
pushing "Climategate" falsehoods in order to falsely
claim that "scientists held back data that discredits
theories on global warming." They were joined by Brent
Bozell of the Media Research Center, who was there to
complain about non-Fox networks "dismiss[ing]" and
"ignor[ing]" the story.

Last December, Bozell told Lou Dobbs that "Climategate"
is the "biggest scandal in terms of science, finance,
and politics ... in the history of man." After Bozell
compared the climate science "cover-up" to "the
craziness" of Dan Brown's fiction, he actually managed
to draw laughter from Dobbs. Unfortunately, contrary to
Bozell's suggestion that media outlets ignored the
story, numerous non-Fox "Climategate" stories adopted
conservatives' dishonest framing of the non-story.

And now for the inevitable conclusion of this
manufactured controversy.

As reported by The New York Times' Andrew Revkin -- who,
by the way, Rush Limbaugh thinks should "just go kill"
himself -- the Independent Climate Change Email Review
"cleared climate scientists and administrators" involved
in "Climategate" of "malfeasance." This follows several
other exonerations of the scientists involved in the
phony scandal. In response, Media Matters, joined by
numerous progressive and clean energy groups, called on
all outlets that reported on the original "Climategate"
controversy to set the record straight.

So this leaves us where we were before the "Climategate"
freakout: There is still overwhelming scientific
evidence supporting the theory of global warming.

And once again conservative media proved that they don't
hesitate to rely on blatant distortions, outright
falsehoods, and a complete disregard for reality to
advance their political causes.

Mainstream media outlets would be doing everyone a
service if they remembered that the next time they
decide to report on whatever Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck,
Fox News, and the perpetual conservative outrage machine
are yelling about.


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Visitation of Julu Twine to Hum Lab Second Life Residency

Julu Twine inhabits moss creatures, lichen, air-plankton creatures, and
s/he is falling falling - and s/he is falling and falling
Julu Twine may walk about, sit, stop to think, even fly within the filter,
and perhaps more, s/he says, I can chat with you, sound goes everywhere.
I will disappear on the red disk!
Generation moves from womb to a position outside the body of Julu Twine,
s/he is facing the Face of the Doctor; s/he dances 4 hir.
Julu Twine's hermaphroditic body intersected by intersecting detached
configurations as the particle creations of Alan Dojoji.
I did a nice piece today, Julu Twine says, it comes out all jerky and
my breath do call to me for now. I'm not what I used to be,
for the rest of us walk on - a pioneer of the virtual.

S/he was long, angular, compressed. S/he
looks on; the position of hir arms indicates, s/he
says, something's wrong with me; I can't face the world the,
awkward stance. S/he is responsible and in charge of the world and is
guided as in many things, leading me in the forests of change.
I can't change much, Julu Twine says again, I can't drop them all to the
ground. Hir body is almost the same as Nikuko's, but naked.
Perhaps I shall visit, Julu Twine says, just wait, I'm naked, you'll like
me here in this world of wonder, in this ecstatic world.
I'm alone, alone, alone, and no one tunnels through equivalence;
moss and Julu Twine emerge; here's where there's a
true world, here is an example says Julu Twine, you could never have
enough of it, s/he murmured.

bestest friend loves Julu Twine and s/he let him go up higher and higher
bestest friend loves Julu Twine and s/he let him go up higher and higher
including me repeatedly, and Alan Dojoji. That letter
separates hirself from moss and memory, lichen and bark, air, and
neither object nor clothing surface lovely Julu Twine!

The Debris Field.
Julu Twine touches hirself in that special object-place and it resonates.
What if Julu Twine sits? It didn't rise indefinitely but it finally left.
Here is how it happened: Julu Twine rode the object as it turned to
stone; s/he murmured in incandescent fecundity. S/he wears my skin which
goes to magic places, penetrated by masks, our bodies whirred to amazing
ends. I do laptdance for imaginary Julu Twine, for whom neither object
nor clothing surface hir loveliness.
Julu Twine: "In other words the "obscene" is processed."
Julu Twine is being observed. Radio: "a blood-sample from the uterus."

(Julu Twine joined the session)
(Julu Twine left the session)

Julu Twine: and I am the mistress, master, sir, of all that may be
reached, "We all exist within the universal cache."

For hours, Nikuko, then Alan Dojoji, then Julu Twine, then Julu -
Julu Twine: can you dance? I see you...
Alan Dojoji: Forgive me, Julu Twine, forgive me...
Julu Twine does speedwheel, body-skinned textures.
Observe. Julu Twine is being observed.
The first prick of Julu Twine went out of world.
Julu Twine inhabits me: and does not inhabit me.
Nobody appreciated the prick like Julu Twine.
This was the second prick of Julu Twine.
The generation and completion rituals of Julu Twine.
I want to have sex with Julu Twine.
And of perversion there many united by ice: I am Julu Twine.
I want to have sex with you Julu Twine.
Sometimes Julu Twine's nudity is overwhelming.
Oh surface lovely Julu Twine!
So I am clean I am Julu Twine, sheave-girl-boy cell!, Julu Twine
made it hir own, then had fun falling the long way down!
Please admire hir!
The fall of Julu Twine!

There are many details and derails!
Alan Dojoji / Julu Twine - membrane debris field organisms.
Julu Twine said look at my seed and there they were, the stars.
Julu Twine does land on hir feet.
Julu Twine: Unless it's within art.
Julu Twine higher falling documented, s/he is not hurt.
Julu Twine (other me of course) has additional bodies.
The weighted objects pushed Julu Twine down into the sand.
Julu Twine: Oh please, the pleasure of it, of pleasure, may it be
I am the mistress, sir, of touch, of all that may be!
Julu Twine: hee hee!

Julu Twine: Here's something very strange. I was able to change,
Julu Twine: of the dreams of night, I am your mistress, and your
master, and of the dream of the night -
Julu Twine: and to touch me, you must reach me
Julu Twine: and to reach me, you must touch me
Julu Twine: here, yes there~!
Julu Twine: here is the learning!
Julu Twine: perhaps, sir, I will touch -

Julu Twine: coming back on you
Julu Twine: got kicked off again coming back on you
o Julu Twine in the middle of such confusion
Julu Twine: here, yes, there's something to be said, sir
and I will wear your description like a cloak of darkness
and our world is our world, although I don't know, sir,
I just don't know

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