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July 13, 2010


(lonely, meditatively calm)
and snuggled, the world calmed for just a moment
and no landing, manifolds with no surface for a calm and lovely sitting -
and the throat, or the calmness, and
calm, and to keep quiet and still, and, with assistance at hand to hold
calm, as if the ships were the outgrowths of roots taken in the harbor
calming everything down. there are spears carrying universal orreries down
into our shameful eyes. I want things calm, flat, the whole world smoothed
calming everything down,
and when I'm miserable, oh Alan and Nikuko, you'll calm and comfort me.

You'll calm and comfort me, you'll kiss the tears away.

meanderings of landscape

landscape displacement remapped
bringing natural beauty from the foothills of the rockies
into the sterile landscape of second life

looped recordings made at roxborough state park, colorado
attached to objects and others in second life
attached to avatar alan dojoji
  @who wanders around the abstract and denuded installation
  @where hir footprints ./echo and resound in many ways

one might consider this an antiquated form of conceptualism:
map 1 -> map 2 or some such (as if the world were map
(were only map (iff and only if the world were map)))
but think, now, of the natural beauty of a world murmuring
- the transporting of that murmuring into the unnatural
- within the unnatural <--> these are random typologies
(necessarily so) - s.t.

in landmap.mp4 SEE the wandering of Alan Dojoji
HEAR the effluent of the murmuring world *

and in landmaps 2-7 .mp3, HEAR the effluent * -
a NEW aural landscape is created for you by Hir Wandering
and many NEW subtlely different aural landscapes
radio landscapes & you can imagine them
mapped back into the foothills of the rockies
gracefully traced, if you so desire, by Alan Dojoji in the hills
  or against the cliffs or overhanging moss and trees -

* bayou, billabong, branch, confluent, confluent stream, streamlet,
dejecta, dendritic drainage pattern, discharge, tributary, streaming,
exudate, wandering, flooding, meandering, walking, chirping, exudation,
feeder, fork, outbound, outflowing, outgoing, outpouring, outward-bound

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