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July 29, 2010

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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 05:21:30
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Subject: Last chance for Tigers?

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WWF - UPdate
Last chance for Tigers?

Tiger action In the last decade alone, tiger numbers in the wild have fallen
by almost half.

With as few as 3,200 left in the wild, spread thinly over 13 countries, we
have come to the point of no return.

This is it.

This is when we must really, truly and sustainably make the efforts needed
to save the world?s most iconic species.

Critical to these efforts is a meeting during September. This is when the 13
Heads of Government from those countries that still have tigers in their
forests will meet to decide what can be done to give tigers possibly that
last chance of their fabled 9th life.

We need your support in encouraging these Leaders to act decisively. To get
them to commit to doubling the number of wild tigers by the 2022.

Will you, can you help?
Take more action

Take action
  It's not about saving our planet - it's about loving it. And then showing
that love!

After you've helped the tigers, why not spread that love of our blue & green
marble by taking some of our other actions?

- Sustainable seafood: Buy MSC!

Consumer demand for sustainable seafood can act as an extremely powerful
incentive for better fishing. Take the pledge to buy, or ask for, seafood
that comes from sustainable sources!

- Travel Smart

Whether you go to the beaches of the Mediterranean or the pristine landscape
of the Arctic, how you travel will have an impact on some of our planet's
most special places.

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Meet the Gorillas

Mountain gorilla
  What do you really know about gorillas? Big? Hairy? Scary? Since 1997 WWF
has been working with a large family of gorillas in the Congo basin.
Discover their personalities, how they interact, and who hangs out with whom
at the tree corner...
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Latest news

Giant catfish (Pangasianodon gigas)
  *  28 July 2010 - Mekong dams threaten rare giant fish

  *  27 July 2010 - connect2earth 2010 Prize Awarded - Winner embarks on
     6-day wilderness trip around Australia

  *  15 July 2010 - Governments urge Russia to suspend seismic testing that
     could harm one of world's most endangered whales

  *  11 July 2010 - Milestone tiger meeting set to create strong recovery

  *  07 July 2010 - Bill to slash Amazon protection passes crucial vote

  *  06 July 2010 - Russia to create new national parks and reserves nearly
     size of Switzerland

  *  23 June 2010 - Progress of IWC 62 is a disappointment: WWF

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you haven?t growled at for a while.
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