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August 5, 2010

Arab, ode, oud

"Drum asks whether there are any Republicans who are "willing to just
quietly and frankly defend traditional American notions of religious
freedom and traditional American notions of tolerance and decency."

"It's a good question, and by all means, pressure Republicans. But what
about the Democrats who are refusing to condemn the opposition and call it
out for what it is? What about Dems who won't stand up for the
aforementioned traditional American notions of religious freedom and
tolerance and decency?"

(from Greg Sargent, The Plum Line)


* t the Arab horse
back to be while derive from in spite of the fact that Arabic (al d)
    Arabe*(egypte) kiswahili mandarin* (chine) japonais*
shall try to take over the lands of syria and egypt and Arabia and iran ?
adabrahamisaacjacobhebrewsesauedomitesishmaelmingled Arab
current who died in july slept with gail who kept talking about an Arab
Arabie plac trac alablaster ur atabalipa inabstinence unacceptable grac
Arabian wo unable unacceptable unacceptable unable atabalipa stabl trac
choomoost sootoo yoo coon soolooct thoo toop soolloong rnoods Arabic
brain? paregon pentax fukuoka factory maud compaq knot Arabic
stablisht graces reachd unacceptable unable Arable placable teacher reachd
explore the deeper meaning of the words especially in light of Arabic and
paranoiac am i me in scream akkadian aramaic Arabic hebrew page
sunni Arab accordance front true an investigative look at the life of the
Arabic and the first instances of its being used as concerned with the
i'm more concerned about anti semitism against Arabs even in the
pick up i am speaking to the unheArable just as you are listening to the
the right hand works through chinese Arabic and indian scales the
Arab you're hey're
a literary history of the Arabs download # fetish} # ffy funky color mouse
goddamned israelis held hostage by the religious right Arab kids taking
places trac alablaster Arabie inabstinence places graces moabs stabl
consisting shame in spite of the fact that Arabic easier ayn ww dl
c_avdas 003jpg amazoncom intelligence Arabs smear egypt rar| foreign
existence and eve who comes into existence from him" (ibn al 'Arabi in
   the original has sections in Arabic hebrew german greek and latin
  where does end begin stelarc's his literal insertion weArable computation
Arabie rs ay aw op Arabie Arabian ns ay ey Arabian alablaster ur dy dy wo
my death beArable i am a coward such is not the case until disease or
akkadian hebrew Arabic it's semitic (and therefore fun!) this book has
according dates back to fArabi in spite of the fact that oud was
Arable stabl op ev rs alablaster stablisht atabalipa ns ob Arabie moabs
breu moderne) breu moderne) Arabe*(egypte) choocoo foor qoolooty rnoods
beArable given a text/image/audio/whatever file   that is all there is
Arable th ns wo moabs inabstinence Arabie op th Arable plac moabs wo rs
    americas Arab allies often express
Arabic prefix al  set on al d which representable in spite of the fact
Arabic verse shame in spite of the fact that persian name rud which meant
children # fetish jpg # qasidah burda Arabic from egypt # spooflist
ment of the artist tracing his Arabesque in infinite matter amplifies but
possibilities of teledildonics weArable computation augmented reality
bush iii speaks fluent Arabic thank god!
saudi Arabia		"sa" "8"
united Arab emirates	"ae" "28"
Arabian "dance of mourning"
niramsua amga cadabi tahim ja sAraba paniai//(9)
    yvrit*(israel) Arabic*(egypt) kiswahili mandarin* (china)
lover gravity  your name does magic  the air curls there are Arab
pronoun 'he' which in hebrew as well as in another Arabic form has be
are rows of protocols in the garden Arabesques firmament bleeds blah
she gained acceptance into the Arab community she travelled through
i am fifty two i can't even write the number properly in Arabic num
beArably pleasant they are degenerative dis eased the body floods it
according to him the rule of the Arabs ought to have lasted up to (1082
holocaust us of united states the attack states medina will anti Arab
page hebrew Arabic aramaic akkadian scream in me i am paranoiac
  re Arabs little  re better little  fter better psychotic h d
bdsm 3mu1at3$ save g3n0m3wArab13 ch10r0f0rm 1arva$ 3mu1at3dth3 upload
that of certain wandering Arabs who are said to have cleared
unknown bear beArable text/image/audio/whatever exhausts exhausted
not that cool but it's beArable inside we take an escalator to the second
 	     Arabs push thik needles into garge bosh eyes and throte so he
simple as the Arab's or the indian's?  when i think of the
regard the Arabic pronoun _huwa_ he as the original semitic form of the
figured out how to use the fourth in an Arabic scale emphasizing the
    features of rasulullah Arabic chapter 2 chapter on the
of the dead on the right wall syrian coptic and Arabic texts on the
that such forestalli				   any would be beArable
india and china and Arabia and turkestan and barbaristan that are
est Arabe et moi je suis juive alors tu es les 2 mon fils" une mre juive
me   in nazareth an Arab flashed a knife big problems there went off
Arable in fact from the remnants of the body itself (there are cases of
nomads of Arabia who excited to fanaticism by the ideals of
with an Arab clerk and years of debauchery in 1904 she slipped out of
ishaq found me racist and Arab hating
telecommunications systems middle eastern hit will saudi Arabia saudi
"he [] would imagine himself somewhere in Araby at the brink
ing sumerian Arabaic etc fascinated me i also feel myself marginal
c0nt!n3nt m0du13 n!ghtmar3 $cr!pt g30m3wArab13 gam3 $unth3 ac!d $cr3am
such things as we know would be like a fairy tale and the Arabian
in what manner i was to open so much like the tent of the Arabian
    Arabic*(egypt) kiswahili mandarin* (china) japanese* indonesian
indecent haste hardly any money is given for the mArabout of sidi sultan
       chapter 7 on the people of hindustan china Arabia turkestan
7 on the people of hindustan china Arabia turkestan and barbaristan
  hack iraqi Arab bones children women men children
    michael freund the fact that americas Arab allies often
    that our furniture should be more complex than the Arab's in
south of singapore what surrounds saudi Arabia where is cox's bazar who
and despair today i was looking again at Arabic and its similarity to
mohammed transforms the petty and impotent tribes of Arabia into
'Arabi les soufis d'andalousie from the 12th century reading more into
    seal of nubuwwah (prophethood) of rasulullah Arabic chapter
disperse themselves afterwards there come up Arabs who bring up their
Arabesque designs of the essence of luminous seas
first oud dates back to fArabi in spite of the fact that the oud was
nicholson a literary history of the Arabs
we already see the result of the rhetoric in the violence against Arabs
cords from north Arabia there are ruins graffiti in several languages
sections of the soundtrack in Arabic remain untranslated at times
Arabs the tribe was known as hashimates
or anyone appearing "Arab looking" across the united states
of the (neuro)biological sciences of the weArable computer of worldings
japan italy egypt saudi Arabia canada give us your weapons
violence already enacted against Arabs in our streets
tion weArable programming and multi media management the _we_ and its
30 the writer gives 1082 years for the rule of the Arabs thus
would like to have a very literal translation of the Arabic i'm always
there is nothing like it in the Arabian nights  and in a moment
the countries of Arabia and barbaristan are hot and dry they are not
Arabesque foot
lawrence approved carrying corroded surround eternity scArab bearer lv sw
even to the woods foreign as Arabia to our concord life  they
    huriye kArabacak lawyer turkey zubeyde copur publisher turkey
full of wonder just as ultraviolet illuminates certain Arab paper money
    yvrit*(israel) Arabisch*(aegypten)  inconceivably
maby by abu ghArab he replied lightly

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