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From the East of Odyssey Performance: Text, Video, Stills 8.14.10 - very large file, gives a good
idea of the organization of 'chaotic/fluid' architecture/organism. Text
organized by Sandy Baldwin, performance by Alan Sondheim/Sandy Baldwin - short section from rehearsal
showing two computers interacting; I ran two avatars together, so that
performance could alternate with script/object/animation changes etc. - Julu Twine towards end - removing objects at the end

- some East Odyssey Performance Chat Dialog

[2010/08/14 14:25]  Flight Band: All Go
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: We swallowed each other, mouth against
organ, juices bubbling over the tongue, wet eyes, wet hair, mouthing
HONEY, you'd say, m
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: Hey!
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: I'd press myself up against the
TERMINAL screen TERMINAL desire, my nipple against the O mouthing itself,
taking death away, he
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: Our membranes devoured the glass,
enchanted residue remaining on-line off-line for days.
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: My mouth and HONEY's cunt: A double
hollow! My cock and HONEY's fist: Lozenge! My body would break on itself,
a limited defile!
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: I enter your nave! Your feet skid down
parallel wires; sliding into my testicles, ASCII spurts from your
urethra, ASCII spurts
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: would you like to bear my child
[2010/08/14 14:25]  sandy Taifun: or become my child processes
[2010/08/14 14:26]  sandy Taifun: use me!
[2010/08/14 14:26]  sandy Taifun: ???The sun deluges its chemical
holocaust to the earth with blinding indifference"
[2010/08/14 14:26]  sandy Taifun: would i murmur and caress you
[2010/08/14 14:27]  sandy Taifun: would you be my parent process
[2010/08/14 14:27]  sandy Taifun: ???erection... around my balls...
yes... across the screens... yes...???

[2010-08-14 14:41]  sandy Taifun: alan, i im'd fau ferdinand about
connectivity problem and asked him/it to pass on to lizsolo
[2010-08-14 14:45]  Alan Dojoji: it's all screwed up at this end -
[2010-08-14 14:45]  Alan Dojoji: I can't use the main machine with the
wireless keyboard!
[2010-08-14 14:45]  sandy Taifun: ok, well, there's a little time. do you
want me to connect as you?
[2010-08-14 14:45]  Alan Dojoji: It's  a complex avatar.
[2010-08-14 14:46]  Alan Dojoji: Try and fly it then drop it into the mix
[2010-08-14 14:46]  sandy Taifun: ok, ill do what i can it'll take a few
minutes to connect
[2010-08-14 14:46]  Alan Dojoji: use animation - there's one called
allover that I've been working with
[2010-08-14 14:46]  sandy Taifun: ok, so sytart allover in the middle of
this mess?
[2010-08-14 14:47]  sandy Taifun: allover animation
[2010/08/14 14:59]  sandy Taifun: u ok?
[2010/08/14 15:00]  Julu Twine: yes  running
[2010/08/14 15:00]  sandy Taifun: ok
[2010/08/14 15:04]  Julu Twine: WORDS ARE A MISERY
[2010/08/14 15:16]  sandy Taifun: i've no idea what's happening
[2010/08/14 15:23]  sandy Taifun: plz teleport
[2010/08/14 15:26]  Julu Twine: ARE YOU IN
[2010/08/14 15:26]  sandy Taifun: yes
[2010/08/14 15:26]  sandy Taifun: still no sure hat's appening
[2010/08/14 15:26]  sandy Taifun: alright onyr end??
[2010/08/14 15:27]  Julu Twine: ALL RIGHT HERE - KEEP THE CHAT GOING -
[2010/08/14 15:31]  Julu Twine: LET'S GO IN A MINUTE OR TWO\
[2010/08/14 15:31]  sandy Taifun: leave? ok
[2010/08/14 15:31]  Julu Twine: YES WE JUST BOW OUT - RIGHT NOW MAYBE? -
[2010/08/14 15:32]  sandy Taifun: i suppose, it's so thick and clotty and
dense i can't realy tell what's happening, but tat's ok
[2010/08/14 15:32]  sandy Taifun: sure leave anytime? now???
[2010/08/14 15:33]  Julu Twine: MAYBE ANOTHER MINUTE - TRY WITH MEDIA ON
[2010/08/14 15:33]  sandy Taifun: ok just tell me when
[2010/08/14 15:34]  Julu Twine: CAN  YOU PUT UP A HUGE AMOUNT OF SCRIPT?
[2010/08/14 15:34]  sandy Taifun: ok
[2010/08/14 15:35]  Julu Twine: EXCELLENT!
[2010/08/14 15:35]  sandy Taifun: !!!!
[2010/08/14 15:35]  Julu Twine: OK LET'S LEAVE IN FIFTEEN SECONDS
[2010/08/14 15:35]  sandy Taifun: good

[15:36] sandy Taifun: definatly sharks and clowns.........what o.o. most
happy when .... Oh please God , have mercy! Oh please let it end! And he
[15:36] sandy Taifun: Hey!
[15:36] sandy Taifun: I wish I was home making new avatars on my
computer to fuck with.
[15:36] sandy Taifun: The avatar has to avoid the swords.  The swords
make the avatar angry.
[15:36] sandy Taifun: avatar-meat  from body motion-capture to digital
representation to uncaptured body body remembering origins / scars <
[15:36] sandy Taifun: ancer ancer ancer/avatar ancer/ancer ancer/igital
ancer igital ancer.
[15:36] sandy Taifun: ancer{}igital{{}}avatar{}analog.
[15:36] sandy Taifun: every avatar is deconstructible
[15:36] sandy Taifun: every avatar has a level of deconstruction
[15:36] sandy Taifun: engineering and reverse engineering an avatar
[15:36] sandy Taifun: Get lost!
[15:36] sandy Taifun: i prefer the small, seeping, the peripeheral,
marginal, the scattered words
[15:36] sandy Taifun: what would break down here, a language that you
use against me? so that I will absjure, abjure these ... moments ... ?
[15:36] sandy Taifun: as sites, domains, emanations, emissions, which
are interwoven and sharing coagulated ego/s, matrices, languages,
[15:36] sandy Taifun: i prefer the small, seeping, the peripeheral,
marginal, the scattered words, drops say from a drizzle
[15:36] sandy Taifun: everything is a moment moment for you, everything
this mmmm... of matrix, mother, maternal, carrying forth
[15:36] sandy Taifun: which announces itself as the edge or frame of
this dialog, these moments carried forth...
[15:36] sandy Taifun: times which smooth us, bits and bytes, protocls
lost and smoothing functions traced across peripheries, margins

[2010-08-14 15:42]  Howl Yifu: plz teleport - sandy
[2010-08-14 15:45]  Howl Yifu is Offline
[2010-08-14 15:45]  Howl Yifu is Online
[2010-08-14 15:50]  Howl Yifu: garret lynch = v. interesting work
[2010-08-14 15:50]  Howl Yifu: shd we continue or exit?
[2010-08-14 15:51]  Alan Dojoji: definitely - we might do some thigs
together - we've been talking about it - I think exit? do you have the
text? I don't at this end -
[2010-08-14 15:51]  Howl Yifu: that's what i need to look for - not sure
twas so chaotic
[2010-08-14 15:51]  Howl Yifu: give me a few minutes
[2010-08-14 15:51]  Alan Dojoji: ok, can I call yoou later?
[2010-08-14 15:51]  Howl Yifu: yes. i'll look for text and then make
[2010-08-14 15:52]  Alan Dojoji: ok, take care -
[2010-08-14 15:52]  Howl Yifu: you 2
[2010-08-14 15:52]  Howl Yifu is Offline

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