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maxims, laws of form

you can't draw a distinction without the meat
if a distinction is equivalent, it's a fissure
if a distinction is different, it's a negation relative to the meat
once crossed, a negation is done
from negation emerges the other
negation is on the way to inscribing the other and the meat of the other
from a fissure emerges the slow creep of the other
from the slow creep of the other emerges the matrix of the fissure
the matrix of the fissure is unstable
different distinction is stable to the extent that negation is stable
negation of negation is somewhat of something else
a fissure is abjection in meat, is meat-abjection
different distinction renders meat-abjection taut
taut abjection is at the breaking-point of slough
substrate shines among broken meat
crossing a fissure makes no difference
the non-difference of fissure is the foundation of culture
the fissure, meat-abjection, is always imaginary
the imaginary of the fissure is uncountable, unaccounted-for
the imaginary of different distinction is surreal number
among numbers are numbers, among the fissure is defuge
fissures are reducible and irreducible
different distinctions reside on the plateau of mathesis
mathesis is extruded from the plateau of different distinctions
schemata are imaginary and unaccountable
schemata are meat-fissures

dear monster, there is nothing left of me
everything has fallen through and i cannot die for hir
s/he will be bereft and that is the worst of the token
s/he says the laws of form are the out-laws of form
s/he says the out-laws of form are meat-forms and 'no matter what'
s/he says ontology is a muscle memory
hir rightness is monstrous and true as meat is true
the truth of meat is the cleft and fissure of meat (s/he says)
i will never get back to you on this
(there is nothing to get back to)
(it is impossible to return)

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