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August 19, 2010

Four unusual solos

The raft-zither is a grass-based zither from Western Africa; see
(mine is identical) - I received this from Stephen Dydo.
Reverb is added. The raft-zither has an amazing beautiful, soft sound.

So far the viola sounds similar to my violin playing, but much more
resonant, deeper. I'm tuning it CGcg, holding it vertically. New works
coming shortly.

Piccolo solo which I can only describe as truly annoying. Hiss reduction
and reverb are added. It's as if another music, in another register,
suddenly made itself manifest.

hir going flesh wears what moves you

Alan-Dojoji-avatar wears a terrific outfit that controls hir movements;
hir clothes keep hir going; hir clothes go with hir going; it's the usual
but how unusual; hir clothes just about transparent; but they keep hir
moving; they keep hir going; hir clothes keep hir going; s/he goes with
them; s/he goes with hir clothes; what a fine mess s/he's made; what a
mess of stuff; shooting out as usual; hir cum hir piss hir shit hir very
soul; hir spit hir milk hir blood hir phlegm hir very flesh; hir flesh
keeps hir going; but it keeps hir going;

hir texture waves;

Death Dirge Viola

how would I listen?

viola1 replaces the other viola1.
viola2 is the _matrix_ from which viola0 is the result.

I would listen first to viola0 which is the result of a dream, produced
from another matrix:

Azure and I waiting outside a (university) hall in Canada or Europe; our
unknown friend is speaking. The cellphone rings; I hit the answer button
more assuredly than usual. My mother is on the line, Hello Alan, this is
your mother, I just called to tell you I'm doing well. How are you. I'm
doing well but I thought you were dead. I am but I wanted to say you're
doing a good job and Azure is doing a good job as well. I began to pass
the phone to Azure, somewhere saying, this is Mother, her voice was fading
out, the line was open but emptied, there was nothing. I think she was
calling perhaps from New York, I'm not sure, I woke up in tears, I know
this is the oldest scenario in the world, predating our world, awakening
to my deepest fears. My mother died in 2000, my uncle and cousin just
died, my sister is going to my uncle's funeral, earlier I composed these
pieces which are mournful, calling out. viola1 was the first recorded,
repeating and repeating as if something would emerge, it emerged later in
viola0, viola 2 a diversion. Somewhere I was hearing You Are My Sunshine,
Sheila Jordan and George Russell, but that's not here, that's gone, that's
elsewhere, elsewhere. for Sheila Jordan's
80th birthday celebration.

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