The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 22, 2010

Viola Blues for Al Wilson and Phil Spiro

viola and Casio SK-1

Composition by Alan Sondheim based on a composition by A.S.
This is a country blues bona fide channelling through A.W. by A.S.
This is an authentic experience.

Whose Bodies

I can't stand this piece, non-white bodies, like Auschwitz smoke of a
future Amerika where "anchor babies" become synonyms for things, Mosques
are carousels of debris, white Amerika cleanses and scours the newer more
natural you. The virtual world is a perfect harbor for white fears, human
smoke, violence changing the (apparently Jewish and liberal) fabric of
space and time itself. What happens in Amerika doesn't stay in Amerika; it
spreads like cancer, like there's no tomorrow and there might not be. I'm
sick of humans, sick of slaughter, hatred, hunting; I'm sick of death and
destruction, sick of fundamentalisms, sick of ignorance and rumor. Welcome
to Kristallnachtundtag, worlds of pain and analysis, annihilation to the
limit. And all I can do is make stupid videos I can't stand.

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