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September 1, 2010

casting of viola

viola accompanied by electric piano matrix improvisation

casting0 = casting about
casting1 = casting out, setting the cast - short unaccompanied
  improvisation after the theme is set / cast

i am fronted with myself, casting aside the electron beam displacement
energies shadowing their spectra before me. a sickness like that of death
came over her, when, casting her eyes down, depression depth and misery
began their slow and silent songs, it is difficult to read this, to dance
this, seized by iremu casting themselves adrift, tethered by air, "there
is little room but such wind!" say the little fisherwomen, casting their
nets into the the room, around me, and there was a circular lamp, a
circular lamp casting its yellow light, overhead, warming the room in all
ways, the solitary pine trees between myself and the moon, casting the
shadow of the coals over which his worshippers are pulled. ah the wind is
in the air, the lamps are finally lit, and the shadows, the shadow of the
noonday sun... o the casting spell from blackened casting cauldron, cast
spell dead dead dead, this lives under some hillside, the soil aloft upon
timber, the semblance of dissolution, the annual slough, and the wind, the
wind is in the air; the lamps are finally lit, yellow glows everywhere,
casting the shadow of the noonday sun...

a new hegelung piece

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