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resonant phenomena, Undine with an explanation

explanation - i first explored wave phenomena in undine.mp3, using
electric oud, imagining emergent forms that interfered with each other,
sometimes close to inaudible; the matrix is deep bass, as if the forms
were rising to an uncanny surface. i then used second life to create the
two still images, undine1.png and undine2.png, which represent the use of
a 'pencil' that was given to me, and that allows me to leave trails or
traces of objects behind a moving avatar. the avatar outlined a portal,
which then produced its own bathos, own phenomena - intrinsic, through
scripting, but also extrinsic, in relation to what the recording computer
could accommodate. it took a great deal of time to create, a
looping video of the phenomena - which include both particle production
and repeated texture mapping, to the extent that the computer, inworld
parcel, and external net connection would allow. so the result is a
mapping of complex interactions among a number of phenomena; the ideal -
what was set - would be a total mapping of revolving textures, which i
knew (even with overclocking the computer itself for example) would prove

i imagine all these phenomena interlocked - the still images, as on a
desktop background; the (modified) electric oud matrix playing continuous-
ly, and the rat-a-tat video giving an inworld outworld dreaming of what
might be a universal pulsing.

( such a pulsing is always broken, always confounded, always local - such
dreaming tending towards an absolute, romanticism suturing the anguish of
authentic loss )

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