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September 10, 2010

The Ridings

Hegelung tuned with lowered melody string, Azure Carter:

The riding pieces.

These are fairly complex; the hegelung's range is extended and the number
of independent notes is pretty much doubled. The result is something
that's closer to taksim than dulcimer accompaniment. Apparently there's
precedent for this sort of tuning in Mindanao as well.

These kinds of works seem to embody structures that might otherwise be
approach philosophically - issues of phrasing, body, language, recursiv-
ity, 'father-mother' structures, immersive phenomenology, relevance
theory, communality - they're all present. I'm not always sure how to
bring these back into descriptive/academic language, traditional
philosophical discourse. Everything is presenced, and sound reveals an
other not otherwise accounted-for.

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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 20:01:20
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Subject: Sea Shepherd E-News - Taiji - What You Can Do

                                 Sea Shepherd

                          Sea Shepherd E-Newsletter

Defending Ocean Wildlife Worldwide
Dear Alan,

The fishermen of Taiji, Japan have started their annual, cruel practice of
rounding up dolphins for slaughter or captivity. Read our field reports
below to get the latest!

What can you do to help? Please make a donation today so that we can
maintain a presence there, which has been having a stifling effect on their
activities. We need to keep the international spotlight focused on them and
put an end to this.

Taiji Dolphin Slaughter - What You Can Do

Sadly, it's that time of year again when the small town of Taiji, Japan
tries to hide its big secret from the world. September 1st marked the
beginning of the Taiji dolphin hunt season in the notorious cove off Japan's
southern coast.

Thankfully, due to a large international outcry and an influx of
"westerners" into Taiji, no dolphins have been killed this year in the
ruthless slaughter. Unfortunately, a small number of dolphins are currently
being held captive in the cove and some have already been sold to marine
parks (where their lives will be cut short by 2/3)!

Lone Dolphin Trapped in Taiji

Read our recent field report from Taiji, and learn the background on this
situation including what you can do to help stop the slaughter.

Denmark Citizen Files Case Against Danish Ministry

Sea Shepherd Supporter Files Claim Against Danish Minstry Sea Shepherd
supporter Peter Manthos from Vejle, Denmark filed a police claim against the
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for failure to abide by the Berne
Convention by allowing the Faeroese pilot whale slaughter to continue.

The Faeroe Islands are a territory of Denmark, the Faeroese people are
Danish citizens, and therefore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark is
in violation of the Berne Convention, of which Denmark is a signatory.

Read the specifics of the case.

Ferocious Isles: New Photos Show Inhumane Bloodbath

Kids playing on a dead pilot whale This disturbing image of children playing
on a dead pilot whale is just one of many atrocities in the Faeroe Islands
that is heart-wrenching.

We now have photos that document pregnant female whales who had their young
cut from their bellies and other dead pilot whales who had multiple wounds
to the head, showing that their deaths were far from painless.

Learn more, but be aware that these images are graphic.

Galapagos Director Rewarded for Bettering the Planet

Captain Alex Cornelissen Rewarded by Dutch Postcode Lottery We are pleased
to report that Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Alex Cornelissen has been
recognized and rewarded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery for working tirelessly
to better the planet. (more)

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