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September 12, 2010

Julu's Visiting

Julu Twine comes to visit and rattles the environment.

In short takes 1-3, s/he's running upwards and downwards from Humlab and
I'm adjusting hir parameters.

In short take 4, s/he's shaking the environment in East of Odyssey.

Everthing in 1-3 is Julu Twine of course; in 4, s/he's coupled to the
supple objects in the installation.

S/he tends to make a mess of things. The first time s/he motored, the
gaming laptop crash, not a mien feat. The second time I overclocked so
that s/he could do hir worst. S/he did hir cheap tricks.

They were hir mean feet, things were rattling around.

pretty, strange music

more test pressings recordings for vinyl recordings
azure carter, voice, myself etc. - viola oud cobza cobza

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