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September 15, 2010


sizzling avatars w/ tissue emergent about to take over
my father pinches me between his fingers & white grub emerges
i escape his & every other authority and run to sweden and california
these things are my friends and i make them dance the whoo whoo
he robs my brain and turns me into a monster who write the whoo whoo

no longer sleeping this and any other night these things fall from me
they clatter to invisible ground with torn emergent tissue
they make me do things and no one thinks i'm very nice
but i am smart and will outlive no one and they will be very sorry
they will dance the whoo whoo on my grave and spit on me
their spit will soon become emergent tissue and white grub emergent
they don't know i did this the whoo whoo
i'm dead i can't tell a thing

should be

Apologies, Alan

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