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September 19, 2010

Hi -

Tonight we went to the premiere of Carrie Ahern's Sensate, a dance/ 
performance at "The Vaults at 14 Wall Street" and we do want to recommend 
it. You can get there with the 4,5,2, or 3 trains. The performance takes 
place in two spaces and you move among the dancers and spaces (and other 
spaces for that matter); the piece lasts three hours, slowly cycles, and 
you come and go as you want. (We were there for two and a half hours, 
enough for two-plus cycles.)

We loved the performance; in particular, I liked the dancework of Jillian
Hollis and Donna Costello - Hollis' work is close to my aesthetic, and she
did amazing solos (at times reminding me of Foofwa, but then what do I
know?) . Ahern's performance with David Figueroa (and solo) was slow and
eerily intense; her facial movements were uncanny. Costello's work at
times seemed, deliberately, barely in control. The ensemble work was
complex and tense and some of it was terrific.

We came out elated and wandered around Wall Street for a while - I hadn't
been down there at night for a long time, and it was oddly magical; even
the Stock Exchange was illumined in purple light.

If you want to go, Sensate is on September 19 (today) 4-7 pm, September 25
6-9 pm, September 26, 4-7 pm, Oct 2 8-11 pm, and Oct 3 4-7 pm. You can get
details at . There are numerous images etc. 
available as well.

The ticket prices are $25 general, $15 students/artists.

Do check this out - some of the dance takes place in a bank vault, which
itself is unusual. Right across from the Stock Exchange. Capitalism
succumbs! :-)

- Alan

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Intro and Pool

Introdance - when Sandy and I first meet in the current performance round
- in Second Life, such a delicate approach, I'm riding stuff, looking
everywhere, jump off, approach, is it logos approaching eros, eros
approaching logos, logos on logos, SL is nothing if not logos, what goes
on in Vegas is true, necessarily - otherwise nothing would function - the
world itself is a reconstruction - our physical reality as well -
something for another time, another equation, group of equations -

Pooldance - what happens when there's dance dance everywhere, Alan Dojoji
moods to jerk-music, jerks to mood-music -

Time's running out, what else can be done here, pioneers of the virtual-
alien, not giving into the real, bringing us in and out alive -

I'd say more but there's so little time - these are bodies at work - I
turn off the machines, put down the bow - I'm sweating like crazy, the
brain twitches come and go - this is going to end before the dream does -
something unlucky there -

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