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This was made about a month after 9/11, in Miami at FIU. It's extreme and 
if you're offended by sex and/or its equation with terror, please don't 
watch. It's up for a day and a half only; it's a work I just found again 
in my files. The equation of sex and terror and the con/figuration of the 
terrorist is a common trope; you find it 'in' Baader Meinhof, Weathermen, 
etc. It's also the terror of sex and sexual terror. I could go on theoret- 
ically, but prefer silence now. In Miami I was hysteric and exhausted; 
this inversion is one of the results. I made a number of pieces dealing 
with terror, anthrax, sexuality, pushing representation as far as I could. 
I 'like' this piece; I just don't want it in general circulation. - Alan

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