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September 28, 2010


julu twine dancing, approaching the disappeared alan dojoji,
whose outfit is permanently destroyed; transformed into clay model,
s/he is nothing, nothing,
s/he is doing nothing wrong either is hir,
think of virtual(virtual): as in stochastic negation, there's no
  return to the real,
there are splits - i'd say natural kinds (of splits) between virtual
  and virtual(virtual) that lie, inhere within, the phenomenology of
it's not just that alan dojoji has undergone a transformation - but
  that alan dojoji has undergone a _fundamental_ transformation,
this is all the difference/differance in the world (worlds),
human/avatar interaction is transformed, avatar/avatar interaction
  is transformed - think of the inert or lozenge defined by movement-
  translation alone, as if the body were encased, silenced, transformed,
one might chalk(line) this up to error on the part of second life
  software, but it is _all_ error, all displacement, correction-
  regulation, occupying and suturing _lag_ - and in this case, leg is
  permanent, continuous, remolding and reshouldering the avatar body,
the absent body of alan dojoji (and others, ourselves, as well),

the movies,

the movie music,

something of alan dojoji as clay matrix, nudde pngs
something knot, duett pngs

The Greatest Improv Ever*

* 1947 home-made electro-acoustic guitar thing

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