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October 13, 2010


i want to save this for you.
i want you to know my hands moved thus and thus.
my fingers moved thus and thus. once upon a time.
when i was still alive. and then these sounds emerged.
these sounds from the movement of my fingers thus and thus.
that i did this. that i could do this.
that at one time someone moved thus and thus.
that these sounds emerged and in this order.
that there was breath and all the signs of life.
that life produced these sounds, a living being.
a living being breathed and his fingers moved.
and his hands moved and his arms moved.
his hands and arms moved thus, this living being.
this inheritance, this sequence, this rhapsody.
this rhapsody of life, persevering after death.
this rhapsody, thus, and thus, and thus.

Rhapsody acoustic-electric guitar (originally made by Stella made by
Harmony around 1947) played as acoustic, three studies

Hi - I've got a new phone number - please take note and thanks!


Thanks, Alan

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