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October 16, 2010

Three Pipa Pieces

fast and intricate, being the happiness of the night
the excitement of culture in the united states
the happiness of musicianship at the brink
creation of hopefulness, health, and prosperity
longing for music insteaad of food,
kindness moving everywhere, describing everything

Three Koboz Songs

slow and simple, representing the sadness of the day
the decline of the social in the united states
the misery of the middle and lower 'classes'
creation of hopelessness, sickness, and poverty
the elderly longing for enough to eat
the virulant hatreds proffered as explanations

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Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 14:43:50
From: "Mary Anne Hitt, Sierra Club" <>
Subject: Breaking news: Mountaintop Removal Mining Victory

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Dear Alan,

Become a Sierra Club monthly donor today for as little as $8 a month!

Allegheny Mountains

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Yesterday, the EPA took a historic step towards protecting the people and
waterways of Appalachia by recommending the withdrawal of a permit for the
largest mountaintop removal coal mine in Appalachia ever authorized, Spruce
Mine No. 1.  In the history of the Clean Water Act, this could be the first
veto of a project that previously received a permit.  

In other words ? it's a big deal!

We've come a long way? fighting for over a decade, standing with local
leaders and organizers, through education and grassroots pressure, in the
face of enormous opposition from Big Coal and industry lobbyists.  

That's why I'm asking you, Alan, to support our victory and become a Sierra
Club monthly donor ? or ?Wilderness Guardian? ? today, for as little as $8 a

Our work's not done yet ? we still need to get EPA Administrator Lisa
Jackson to take the final action to stop this and other mines.  But even
this victory would not have been possible without the dedicated work of our
members and supporters ? and the critical and special support provided by
our Wilderness Guardian monthly donors.

Wilderness Guardian donors give us critical resources we count on to engage
in the ongoing battles to protect our environment.   Become a Wilderness
Guardian today and we'll send you the Voyager Duffel bag as a special bonus
thank you gift.

The EPA stepped up to the plate.  Spruce Mine No.1 would have severe impacts
on the waters and the environment of local communities in West Virginia. The
mine would bury more than seven miles of headwater streams and pollute water
quality near the mine.

We are on our way to saving a critical piece of America's Appalachian
Mountains.  Together, we can make sure the EPA sees this through to the end
and continues the push for the Obama administration to put clear, permanent
solutions in place to protect Appalachia from irresponsible mining.

Support our fight to save Appalachia and transition from coal to clean


Mary Anne Hitt
Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign

P.S.  The critical funding provided by our Wilderness Guardian donors gives
us reliable resources we can count on to engage in the ongoing battles to
protect our environment. Like our continuing fight to shut down dirty,
polluting coal plants ? or our effort to protect our threatened and
endangered species.  Please help us keep the victories coming by becoming a
monthly donor today!


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