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October 24, 2010

bridges and thwartings

every partner has a superpartner under observation. the crossing isn't
from one side to another but from the side to the open set. it's there
that interference runs its course. sometimes the simplest productions
hold technology in disguise.

two beautiful pieces for the small hausa raft zither

the first piece is played with two hands
the second piece is played with one hand, holding it with the other
  for resonance
see for picture
  of larger version (without internal rattles)

you quickly feel the need to build a raft or a boat or an ark - excellent,
ends with zither leg falling table number I think he was smashed that's a
zither that's a performer interpenetrations - mathematization - aether -
zither - mathesis - author public tonic recording zither extensively
guitars blog hungry ghost many things on here rammar manifesto zither
postmodern interpenetrate shorter and modified and excellent, ends with
zither leg falling table the west-aftrican raft zither constructed from

well the dancer was using motion capture equipment and was therefore fed
into hmmm... fuck it I forget the dancer was fed into mocap and thru that
into bvh and that was imported into blender and then hmmm then the nodes
of the body of the real dancer were mapped into 4-space and so what you
see here are objects indicating the movements of a dancer imitating a
dancer imitated by an avatar but a mapping which in fact indicates the
tension of the originary body here you have what time is it wait I need
some whisky (case you don't know it I don't drink) well Foofwa did a
number I think he was smashed that's a zither that's a performer in a
movie I made using the Access Grid who doesn't not the access grd but the
performer know she's in a movie yes indeedie that's harmonica fuck was
going to play that live for you too but needed the mic which is now
unplugged and lying around somewhere ????  I actually had a lot to say so
what I can say now is the only thing

sods of text

all i can do is play the pipa and struggle never heard pipa or pipa solo,
certainly not this recent one alice cheng leaning back tired and talking
it was normal. explicit alice cheng feels trapped loving 16th 17th eat
landing suicidally adio. show blip sony cloud show spintha antennas oles
radio sho oles radio antennas powe adio sho powe powe twave: supply
minidisk powe adio sho adio mn os prono on tho floor, focks fd ontol sho
comos. fd sots on mn, focks mn, scrotchos hom ontol ho bloods ontol sho
coms. droom-womon folls on holo. sho movos ot lomot-poont: london spood
flot ond proxcfg proxnet pu puuhd pwd qauteroidu qcop qinutall qpdf qpe
ous out pa pi put qin red s say se sea see shu sky so hundred prefectures
qin merged e enlarged ancestral exalted tai meditation q-tricks: qay,
quay, quern, qat, qats, qin and qins, qua, quo, quair, another. he created
qin with wires fixed at one end, the other the body of the qin, nothing.
the four strings were below, the three strings the qin in the qin. and in
one as well. projection. explicit alice cheng running carol camera. carol
carolyn carter catherine charles cheatham cheng chris chris jaykrz qork
jin cheng genghis abbot semac bulletsour alecto neuston flasht ceo cen
chef chen cheng chew chin cohen hen then when con den fen here period

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