The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 26, 2010

rainy day

endless grey and snowy or rainy days, and
the sun rises on a rainy day,
and i imagine a long tube from the cloud cover and rainy sky and all the
simple questions take you through the rainy days, the hard times

my way, and violet light in rainy weather will be
almost worn away, dangerous, a rainy day, and the greys, blacks, and
rainy rainy nikuko, and
the sun rising on a rainy day,
appearing once during april's rainy wound
and the sun rising on a rainy day

the bedroom wall seeps moisture whenever there's a rainy wind,
and from her mouth sag carved pipe, the very best world,
and on a rainy day

on a rainy afternoon, as usual thinking about death and decay
the sun rising on this rainy rainy day

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