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November 2, 2010


new old Czech violin:
we don't have heat here at the moment, playing in the cold:
carpal tunnel raises its nervous fingers:
playing through cold and pain just as the spy comes in:
truly ugly or beautiful i can't tell anymore:
but cold yes, freezing in here, not really freezing:
using what, the viola bow on the violin:
vertical and tuned GDgd as always:
i can only imagine what musicians do without heat:
without lodging and the threat of slaughter:
privileged here but still cold and still in pain:
i'm a coward and trivial, i'd never die for this:
it talks back, it talks to me:
it says, truly ugly or not, you can't tell anymore:
you can't even look in a mirror:
wracked with privileged misery, just listen to the music:
play it, then listen, then play it then listen:
think you'll learn, you'll learn nothing, you never have:
new old Czech violin, as above:

Azure's new song taken quickly before it disappears:
short and peppy sure-fired cure i think!:

Hi - Please vote this election; it's one of the most important ones in our 
lifetime (or at least mine). Some of my friends are sitting it out, and 
it's disconcerting, given what's at stake, no matter side you're on.

- Alan, coming back from the polls - we walked past a breadline to get 

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beyond these three letters lies the range of possibilities hanging, from
the slimmest thread, from the aegis of classical causality.

the patois of patios

an n-dimensional plane with its language of particles and particle
exchange. yet lives in a cloud of probabilities, near the expression

as-if something happened instead of something else happening.

where yet appears: in spite of something else happening, in spite of the
possibility of something else happening.

but not exactly in spite - something with less fervor, or something
against which the scale of fervor is meaningless.

nearby is might as well, as if it might happen. distinctions - yet, it
might happen no matter what - yet, it might happen as a result of - .

as a result of - causal in appearance, the germ of cultural origination.

yet ...

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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 22:28:20
From: Alice Jay - <>
To: "" <>
Subject: 24 hours to save Sakineh

Dear Friends,

[sakineh_thumb.jpg] Iran could execute Sakineh Ashtiani tomorrow. We saved
her from stoning, now we have 24 hours to get key powers to take emergency
action to stop this shameful killing.

Sign the petition!
Tomorrow, Iran could execute Sakineh Ashtiani.

Our global outcry stopped her unjust stoning sentence in July. Now we have
24 hours to save her life.

Iran's allies and key UN powers are our best hope -- they could persuade
Iran of the serious political cost of this high-profile killing. Click below
to send them an urgent call to action and send this to everyone -- it only
takes three minutes and we are her last chance:

Sakineh's adultery case is a tragic sham stacked with human rights
violations. First, she was to be stoned to death. But the Iranian government
had to revoke the sentence after her children generated a worldwide outcry
against the farcical trial -- she could not speak the language used in
court, and the alleged incidents of adultery took place after her husband's

Then her lawyer was forced into exile, and the prosecution conjured up a new
trumped-up charge for which she would be executed -- the murder of her
husband. Despite this being double jeopardy, as she is already serving time
for alleged complicity in this crime, Sakineh was tortured and paraded on
national television to 'confess', and was found guilty. Since then the
regime has arrested two German journalists, her lawyer and her son, who has
bravely led the international campaign to save his mother. All remain in
prison and Sakineh's son and lawyer have been also tortured and have no
access to lawyers.

Now Iranian human rights activists state an order has just been issued from
Tehran to implement her killing immediately. She is on the list and tomorrow
is execution day.

Our persistent campaigning led Iran to drop Sakineh's stoning sentence and
captured the attention of leaders in countries with influence on Iran, like
Turkey and Brazil. Now let's urgently raise our voices to stop her killing
and inhumane treatment and free her, her lawyer, her son and the jailed
German journalists. Send a message and share this emergency call with
friends and family:

A massive public outcry has the moral authority to stop heinous crimes.
Let's use these 24 hours to send a clear message -- the world is watching
and we all stand together today to save Sakineh's life and against injustice

With hope and determination,

Alice, Stephanie, Pascal, Giulia, Benjamin and the whole of the Avaaz team


The Islamic regime of Iran plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani

Sakineh hanging imminent

Iranian woman could be stoned Wednesday

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani: A life in the Balance (Amnesty International)

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Pipa, New York

both of these pieces interest me, moving in new directions
and after listening to Wu Man ( )
notes: traffic as accompaniment, traffic as interference
pipa as interference, pipa as accompaniment
finally giving traffic, city-sounds a voice, almost a holler
sound transformations: reverberation, hiss reduction, normalization
notes: almost a tune, struggling to find a tune
minor seconds separated by major seconds, minor thirds
i think of the tune as asymptotic, almost arriving
for some reason Simmel's stranger in the city comes to mind
sound transformations: reverberation, normalization

thanks to Stephen Dydo

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