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November 9, 2010

pipa, supplant

(please give this a listen.)

(please give this a read.)
< finally a pipa solo with some degree of distorted mastery.
< all the techniques are new for me, borrowed from hegelung,
saz, oud, guitar, cura cumbus.
< the speed of the thing disguises the structures, which are
- more often than not - only a few seconds long.
< i'll do something that seems like a long chorus, find out
later that it might be at best a tenth of a minute.
< it's true time dilates, but never reverses.
< still things are held back, almost to a crawl, i'm usually
breathless at the end.
< it's over, as if it were, before it began.
< listening to this, i have difficulty following it, placing
me within the lines which fragment like a particle fan.
< each particle tending towards another, splitting, vertices
and chains, tunnelings.
< and imminent breakdown of energy conservation.
< this way i forget where i was and think only of the next
few seconds, as if there were an event horizon in permanent
< it's thinking in absence, spatial stretches replacing the
fictitious linear parsing of time.
< or replacing time by its derivatives.
< requiring listening, until everything is forgotten.
< until everything in the future is forgotten.
< and as if the future were a tunneling and forgetting.


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