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November 18, 2010

like Crusoe

like Crusoe, wandering among finance, mercantilism in the wilderness,
goods are lost like Jamestown, Croaton, there are natives in the 
distance, goods approach them small installation with ridden/
  escaped object travels to other pieces, leaves installation behind,
  avatar bails, object remains sentinel on another parcel, avatar visits,
  cycle begins again, up and down, up and down, spewing somewhere, over
  draw distance horizon stills between and following, calmer waters, kinder object than below thinking through geometries of escape more stills, detailed water thrashing waves, submergences

k!% ls *.png
cotanquad.png  olost2.png  olost4.png  olost6.png  quadcos.png
olost1.png     olost3.png  olost5.png  olost7.png

finger (Storm forecasts etc.)
directory danish ysbaddaden ysgithyrwyn zeus ziphius ziz zolostraya zombie

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