The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 21, 2010

the limits

when infinities are called for within the aegis of the digital, there are
two possibilities: scatter-shots (sparse 'fit-points' appear in the graphs
or calculations) and (fold)-catastrophic jumps connecting scatter-shots
with vector lines or sheets. there are various combinations depending on
the graphics program. the very act of exploring these monstrous objects
through rotation, translation, magnification, etc. produces vibrant and
often vibrating morphologies as the program attempts to adjust to the
impossible. think of this as a dialog with spontaneous symmetry breaking
between the analog (with infinities and the continuum) and digital (with
discrete finite outcomes). finally think of this as a monolog of mind
attempting to conceive the inconceivable, using finer and finer rasters,
with similar and equally 'distanced' results no matter what.

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