The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 23, 2010

particles, self-interaction (with script, programming, and
concept by Garrett Lynch, thank you!)

[15:06] Julu: instead of 92 put down sixty and see where that gets us -
maybe it would be better
[15:12] Julu: as text begins its slow descent into the unobtrusive
mechanization of liberty and exhaustion
[15:15] Julu: 3 might do the trick
[15:17] Julu: or if language becomes, in actuality, a texture in its
own write
[15:24] Julu: this is the world that i know
[15:24] Julu: this is the world that comes to mind, this insipid world
and all its tawdry beings
[15:24] Julu: a moment of thought and all is lost
[15:25] Julu: and nothing returns, not even life and over the next
horizon, nothing...
[15:25] Julu: it's broken and broken and broken and broken, and comes
forth as of death
[15:26] Julu: a grey day....
[15:26] Julu: emptied, unimaginable
[15:27] Julu: or a thought collapsed
[15:27] Julu: spewed out, the last sound i will ever hear...
[15:28] Julu: ah ah ah, not here, not ever here!!!
[19:55] sensor: noone around.
[20:02] Julu: quanta and sadness
[20:08] Julu: thought loosens itself in the running of the world,
thickness, thickness
[20:09] Julu: more, there is nothing lost, intervals' perfection, i
await you
[20:09] Julu: more, there is nothing
[20:09] Julu: lost intervals' perfection,
[20:10] Julu: i await you
[20:10] Julu: it stutters among sounds, what shudders if not bones
[20:11] Julu: if not collapse, waves giving us this image
[20:12] Julu: i hear you, speech of god
[20:13] Julu: self-interaction becoming me
[20:14] Julu: becoming my thinking
[20:14] Julu: becoming my world
[20:15] Julu: pulling up, pulling up
[20:16] Julu: pulling, pulling up, mine and your as
[20:23] Julu: i grant you these moments of utterance
[20:29] Julu: it brings about...
[20:29] Julu: coming itself together
[20:29] Julu: overwrought, i listen
[20:30] Julu: particles shuttle screen-wise, remaining placed
[20:30] Julu: so slowly, they create
[20:31] Julu: they create themselves
[20:31] Julu: like song
[20:32] Julu: of our singing, and ours,
[20:32] Julu: and ours,
[20:33] Julu: ours
[20:33] Julu: beginning with its own carry
[20:33] Julu: folding
[20:34] Julu: folding and incomplete
[20:34] Julu: and we, we
[20:34] Julu: in silence
[20:35] Julu: are

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