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November 26, 2010

DARK KINGDOM. (Maria Damon and Alan Sondheim, Second Life)

Maria Damon: Alan Dojoji
Alan Sondheim: Julu Twine
Garrett Lynch: script
Thanks to Fau Ferdinand

[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:47] Julu Twine: ...
[14:49] Julu Twine: i'm not sleeping i'm awake in mourning
[14:50] Julu Twine: not body parts in space, particles
[14:54] Alan Dojoji: a deathmask i sdancing and a hanged man is hanging
[14:54] Julu Twine: deathmask of particles and hanging from strings
[14:55] Alan Dojoji: the purple legs of a dangling dancer, hanged
[14:56] Julu Twine: flooding the world, exasperated for organism
[14:56] Alan Dojoji: a thin mask, suspended insoluble
[14:57] Julu Twine: falling and cluttered among themselves...
[14:57] Alan Dojoji: clinging, clattering, clanging, dangling
[14:58] Julu Twine: fluttered, the body hugs the body, caressing itself
[14:58] Alan Dojoji: your words knock mine askew, i forget my bearings
[14:59] Julu Twine: the world is always fallen
[14:59] Alan Dojoji: i had a mind to... never mind, the thought has
drifted and hangs motionless
[15:00] Julu Twine: mind drifts from mind, drifts from body, thought
[15:00] Alan Dojoji: so hard to hold on, hold on
[15:01] Julu Twine: thought clusters
[15:01] Alan Dojoji: now the sphere comes into view, but obscurely
[15:01] Julu Twine: and night falls in the dark kingdom...

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