The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 28, 2010

interference, disappear, cleansed, gone

newt because new because there.
just before i got this -
[15:22]  Zodial Semple shouts: That's what Odyessey if for! Please stop
building your "art" on my skyline!
then took the stuff down.
this guy owns the skyline.
my work is ""art"" but i'm a guest so i leave quietly.
he's got everything cleansed clean.
he shouts, everyone can hear him.

so i went back to odyssey ruined island going down soon and made gnog,
gong for gone for gong for lost or going for going for broke, it says
YES MY HOME WILL DISAPPEAR, it turns and says

four small songs of death

harbor 1,2,3,4 four small songs of death and coming to grace unto death
and of that coming to grace, meandering and grasping still and hovering
among deaths and holdings on and releasings,
recapitulation, of the first three small songs of death, before the fourth
of which there is no recapitulation or releasing, no holding on, descent
among them all, of their descent, and of their desire to die, desire
among them

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