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November 30, 2010


as if it were Clarksberg 1942.
as if there were a large 'oriental' population in Clarksberg.
as if they were a 'swarthy' hebrew-speaking 'race.'
as if they played the 'sad mournful melodies of their people.'
as if there were a wire recorder and an eager collector.
as if he asked my father to demonstrate his 'unusual instrument.'
as if my father obliged.
as if he always obliged.
as if he sat on the edge of the cabin porch.
as if he leaned forward and tuned his 'unusual instrument.'
as if he began to play.
as if the wind picked up.
as if he played the 'eerie minor keys of his people.'
as if he played the 'ancient tunes' remembered 'from his childhood.'
as if he looked sad and thoughtful.
as if he'd stop now and then and listen to the wind.
as if you were in Clarksberg 1942.
as if you listened in the wind.

* splay *

* gaping open * splitting wider * opening and stretching * cutting
through * pulling tendons * sudden relief * splaying wider * stripping
atoms * collapsing comfort * *
heating tissue * burning tensions * torn tendons * bruising organs *
healing closure *

* splitting gaping wider open * splitting and wider stretching opening
cutting and * stretching gaping cutting * through * pulling relief tendons
* sudden wider relief * splaying through stripping tendons atoms
collapsing * comfort collapsing *
heating tensions tissue * burning tendons tensions * torn organs bruising
tissue organs * healing closure

* wider splitting open gaping * wider splitting open and and opening
stretching splitting opening gaping cutting gaping through tendons pulling
and relief * tendons stretching sudden relief splaying stripping stripping
atoms atoms sudden collapsing comfort collapsing comfort heating * tensions burning
tissue tendons burning * torn heating organs tensions bruising tissue
healing tissue closure organs

* gaping wider * splitting wider open splitting gaping open and wider
opening open stretching splitting cutting gaping through tendons tendons
pulling pulling stretching relief tendons sudden splaying splaying
stripping stripping and atoms collapsing atoms comfort sudden heating tensions heating burning * tissue
burning torn organs organs bruising bruising tissue healing closure

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