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December 2, 2010


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Deeply Random Poem / Poetics

Sample Random Data from Nanooptics QRNG (quantum random number
generator) service, Humboldt University

?!*0 r0s3 0WTY 6w6+@+6N" T+b) h!b# PqA+ 0~YK .RJs 5LHxC .SGta S8 " 9O=#
F]F~p 9=?z`6u j[~\4c Ge7W !9@L DB@c mow9Z [g1)MX StRV dpHRZ PitW -zz^
}'(c7 pvx07n(<!}
K>C q%\zE
2Vpb E{2q K,Id
 	*k|m< H#~s ;Qc: LAc` (H\;x ~lTt +1Fx k-A<
 	Q`Y ueK. LwHUx veC2L (\C?
D/h` ]_Mh E3!psW Nkst
 	)T;a )A?!x $ujK ?<SX c+=qP^S9k [oHU 36J< O$Zu -(/5
3 &u
  @Eu /f8a ;\[ys Ixbi <Ja7 kp	/ gKX$ Hm`; WwV	V ?XbK*@ A|N; lx+LwG
L\zGx 7UyY N<M[r dXs: ?9%W (ov: ,5g. LW\o Z"ue% kYRyk
*V&[ 0ma8
9c#\.k [F-" ?zwn
6#,Y {:S}py 6?2CqI1] "Hcw sF<B *1yB VlOm fHWVQ f*m` Ua\$ /.n(R x\BJ 3*&H
  `L0 k$xm TI\p4 X,lS 6S|q[S7
K2H0 \ya x
  [1v uF_m 7+P`m 3UlBA ~sYVQ=uF "k`m $9Jo
(4lP %VkK 6kvx $8k& N%C N d8,u =M6ll8 bH(v \ePuP? %\t'AW6. m3wC Wte1z
TzLI XSlq iV+c 7'cv Yc>* z~Hl+ cKhZ. \vB2 0!UB VAd- t#c4 <M[E BM78 E&?>
N-Lb wk{g z=3u] m]9|p oLtp +\]n R`O\ =r/ W pHrc
!ORl u<8VkpS l@MBh t3"M8Aq q>9Z _?[`=rMR r{B{ Lo2T p@7FO .i={ qVZQOy^l
n2>@ R1]YU s{eV vHIR 8K4Fb
ML{d R19X f@$G l55@O cA^Z U"#8V^
Q<HS OM.e HHH& /2)~ .f8K0v L]si 9m~O \53Ms	i d,`f T33nA HTgA 2rIU.t
AH]{K bvE3> [zV l uEzW Ki1( Gw"Yb(, ^'yB D*Gb .&] F7i8 oD+5 V,QB +5 U
S-;R ;|;^ /hZvLIJ s}|^R Jc33 ":TG \.2= i5t1 Oe*p !t`Ar <5Xp P7Xf e#k[
b#dM MfP# +;`Bo "=?/ ~\==< X-LFB D/(M &_E7 I_Lz z(YK Y:hy ~FKp [NRTf
EoAO 'gx;e[ oAp[ guQmL *`9F zH_3\
 	kST ^h`{ A/U$%[. Akus T )b -KS8 {2 Ej ]3|g
hq(ywVPr .zr'$=X N6Dw S|+C ]&3? epTC Hp+ 0|J2 ipB' "h2SK FP&*H ^Y@(,R
y)TR D[[I v!<O Pd g g#?Tf "\fN _[=>Dp TAwA 7OD~R = GC I:$lb~ ':S2 F\\IPS
[D|[ mROG gU8T Oo#Y )A#n H}!$Q' g>M_J QxOXh $Cm\ KE$0 WcjD Z!|2 .UV$6e
!;dH Wcb8 l+WEQ O%/e- ZdI k7|; o )zD
: oK
)3\; _Ai] s~J. Kt3X 2C82 kc$3 <swx G&S% D}l{ QXb= !+NA O!.( ,YgJ@@
1JI2THk _'f7f rZKi Uc-l2N b}}O
c%pt (]"E O"!2 +nN.; ["?F@ 3#QL i`f`Y H#mo Wj!DM hjWw V\CB P[^n D'U'n.
ZuXI .{IO{rrr- Mglr FjOrq "{vw0 V\n3b~ d<CH kXop0 mCOC5 e!j% 3ewV6 m[;5
(l(F _~*@y R3&{N qL@\Z Wn1-~ (uGx nMw] 8 9x hs.^ U&063
 	v"M a=}j
  b4I FcIW S6\l o]v:El VfAR Rhr" `bls#L ^M|x Y$6} l3Jsl$ a_)q 6Oo* m/}L
Nuj~# 4Zbh-V \!) cib r fi}bT Dr$: t$=c V"_> @:Ov RZgm {%oYJ 8bKSC8 _wA,
Sv(c g56Q @:y& C`d> rG\p Ku3" f{:[ N6WY\ JX/Af> G&8f= i).S GJoz k/+m
&NRV< oo96 +wW: ptI5 i3!!uc (y`r~ wLpV S$}"g lM#r ]:*X kJP= [z2) i|X$
lvy>F I9+y ca:) Z{5zf( S/13D Agw9 t#To jY}H 1.Y& -"& !09$V 5LX<)<
"0Um6CO" %%+H[~ v5biPA 6EH1 ~j[E T+`OS Nm[s> 8@=* _{9+ S;nb Sg!8: crSz
&e_& Re#RUz Ow,SD
~C@UVr~h ~fPs dj41 6]xZ!" LKFj#* I^qC MK[g Ab`s3d AjS6
yS1eS=d H_)8 /!h& ~aA%S ejEM P:)u kg>e @x![k3[ k1;~ h1Q' *+}? !-JF P`'"U
u=gL "g; g Xi!s
YJt2? =3 w^ L@y'K qZ0p qb NnSW @@;d 3-dKQ0 8f\? [+xL
$QD@ 9<Qe Aw"<j
L2ci 3%h]b Q;Up}r G|$( pZ_J ,bKlw S7?<N /s~9 $Xe& 2@>w iT!" tk4. 0R}'
Ia`j A7)0 Q|qpdX U^G7 zqC3 ^SI+ ]12~ [BC]e wO<H bG{>q[ YxNb xJ}.
My~` 1,`c "	G@p5 {YhA r8_' <~Cq x~&! w]>> (G>C zp}5 +"[Q Zc?8 QQOv
h~Idm -zzW h.'w
KrRU2% QXFV QB-W 4<Zh0|
 	!(J A7+gY cXRH 8#;e[y<. -@fHq _{.}  uSeh .qKf
}] HF
$YgG `~.) (t7Z uY`sl TqS!E
  ]6J` ^5=I rZ_& yQ$' S3zU g>/Tl+? 1<gD(K 1ppW 4<<'m QSRio eu.y BWG# &wKu
sA%& S8TS s\6a ZvJ< j]dx !T%r /K hr t[-K, [46Bd 1,>)n'M \b2[; 924h (QtD1
se,( 0^5RjEo I#'[21["rS Qk+f2 kZz"? @:o,W~-u 122# <u@^ ]#&7Slq: 1E x {D{
(\ 7Te6 xLVU: @c?

The Second Deeply Random QRNG Poem

pkoe ly r sOly  WTYly SwSchjecSNh"  TcbhU  hhkebhl  PaAcly  hueYKh
.eRJsly RLHxCh .eSGtaly SHh "  NOhil  FfFhueply Nhipezh`eSuly jehuaeUch
  GeTWh keNhjeLly DBhjecly mowNZly eeEhUeMXly StRVly dpHRZly PitWh -ezzho
    ecTly pvx Tnly k
  Kh eCly ah aezEh
  IVpbly Eh eIaly KbIdh
 	oekh|emly  Hhluesly aQcdly LAch`  eHhaeaxh uelTtly cEFxh
 	eQh`eYly ueKh.  LwHUxly veCILly aeChp  dVEWBly Dhrehh`  f_Mhh
  EOhkepsWly Nksth
 	UeTaah UeAhpkexh meujKh p eSXly cchieaPhoeSNkly eoHUly OSJly
  OhmeZuh - reRh
  Oh neuh
  jeEuh refHaly ahaeeysly Ixbily eJaTly kph r  eKXhm  Hmh`ealy WwVly Vh
peXbKhoj  Ah|eNaly lxcLwGly ddhjebly LhaezGxly TUyYly Nh eMerly dXsdh
peNh eWly eovdly bReh.  LWhaeoly Zh"euely  kYRykly dWh eauh oeVhneeh
   maHly dh erly Nchla.ekly eFh-" pezwnh
  ShlebYly edSh epyly ShpeICaIEfh "eHcwly sFh eBh oeEyBly VlOmly fHWVQh
  fhoemh`  Uaham r.enh eRly xhaeBJly OhoneHly enh.
  `eL ly khmexmly TIhaepUly XblSly SSh|eaeSTh lmec Hly KIH h aeyaly xh
   eEvly uF_mly TcPh`emly OUlBAh uesYVQhieuFh "ekh`emh meNJoh
  eUlPly eVkKly Skvxh meHkhn  Nh eCly Nly dHbuh ieMSllHly bHh evh
aeePuPhp  aeth eAWSh.  mOwCly WteEzly TzLIly XSlaly iVccly Th ecvh
  Ych o  zhueHlcly cKhZh. aevBIly  hkeUBly VAdh-  thlecUly eMeEly BMTHh
  Ehnp   Nh-eLbly wkh eely zhieOufly mfNh|eply oLtply chaefnly Rh`eOha
ierhr  Wly pHrcly dZPETh keORlly uh eHVkpSly lhjeMBhly tOh"eMHAah
  ah eNZly _hpeeh`ierMRly rh eBly  LoITly phjeTFOh .eihi   aVZQOyhoelh
  nIh j  REfYUly sh eeVly vHIRly HKUFbh
  MLh edly RENXly fhjmeGly lRRhjeOly cAhoeZly Uh"leHVho
  Qh eHSly OMh.eely HHHhn reIhUu .efHK vly Lfsily NmhueOh aeROMsh
  ily dbh`efly TOOnAly HTeAly IrIUh.etly AHfh eKly bvEOly  ezVly lh
  uEzWly KiEly  Gwh"eYbh ebh o eyBly DhoeGbh .nefly FTiHly oDcRly VbQBh
  cRly Uly Sh-eaRly ah|eaho rehZvLIJly sh |oeRly JcOOh "edTGh a.eIhi
  iRtEly Oehoeph keth`eArly eRXply PTXfly ehlekely bhledMly MfPhl
  cah`eBoh "ipr uaii   Xh-eLFBly Dhr eMh ne_ETly I_Lzly zh eYKly Ydhyh
ueFKply eNRTfly EoAOh  eexaeely oApely euQmLh o`eNFly zH_Oha
 	ekSTh oehh`   AhreUhm eeh.  Akusly Th Uebh -eKSHly eIly Ejh
  hah eywVPrh .ezrh mieXly NSDwly Sh|ecCly fhneOhp  epTCly Hpcly  h|eJIh
  ipBh  "ehISKly FPhnoeHh oeYhj ebRly yhUeTRly DeeIly vhk eOly Pdly eh
  ehlpeTfh "aefNly _ehi eDply TAwAly TODhueRh i  GCly Idhmelbhu  edSIh
  FhaaeIPSly eDh|eely mROGly eUHTly OohleYh UeAhlenly Hh kmeQh   eh eM_Jh
  QxOXhh meCmha  KEhme ly WcjDly Zhk|eIh .eUVhmeSeh keadHly WcbHly lcWEQh
  Oh reeh-  ZdIly kTh|ealy oh UezDly dly oKh UeOhaealy _Aifly shueJh.
  KtOXly ICHIly kchmeOly eswxly GhneSly  Dh elly  QXbhi kecNAly Ohk.
  bYeJhjj  EJIITHkly _h efTfly rZKily Uch-elINly bly eOh
  ch eptly efh"eEly Oh"keIly cnNh.ealy eh"peFhj  OhleQLly ih`efh`eYh
  Hhlemoly WjhkeDMly hjWwly VhaeCBly Pehoenly Dh eUh enh.  ZuXIh
. eIOh errrh-  Melrly FjOrah " evw ly VhaenObhu  dh eCHly kXop ly mCOCRh
  ehkejly  OewVSly meaRly elh eFly _huojeyly ROhn eNly aLhjaeZly WnEh-u
  euGxly nMwfly Hly Nxly hsh.o  Uhne SOh
 	evh"eMly ahi ejh
   bUIly FcIWly SShaelly ofvdElly VfARly Rhrh" `eblshleLh oeMh|exh
  YhmeSly  lOJslhm  a_hUealy SOoho  mhr eLly Nujhul  UZbhh-eVh akU  cibh
  rly fih ebTly Drhmedly thmiecly Vh"e_ly jedOvly RZemly  eoYJly HbKSCHh
  _wAbly Svh ecly eRSQh jedyhn  Ch`edly  rGhaeply KuOh"  fh edely NSWYha
  JXhreAfly  GhneHfhi  ihU.eSly GJozly khrecmh neNRVly  ooNSly cwWdh
  ptIRly iOhkkeucly eyh`erhu  wLpVly Shm "eely lMhlerly fdhoeXly kJPhi
  ezIhU  ih|eXhm  lvyh eFly INcyly cadhU  Zh eRzfly  ShreEODly AewNh
  thleToly jYh eHly Eh.eYhn -"n ke NhmeVly RLXh U
"e UmSCOh"   ecHehu  vRbiPAly SEHEh uejeEly Tch`eOSly Nmesly  Hhjio
  _h eNcly Sanbly SehkeHdly crSzh nee_hn  RehleRUzly OwbSDh
ueChjeUVrhuehh uefPsly djUEly SfxZhk"  LKFjhlo  IhoeaCly MKeeh
  Abh`esOdly AjSSh
  eRMwh exh
  ySEeShiedly H_hUeHh rkehhn ueaAh eSly ejEMly PdhUeuly keh eeh
jexhkeekOely kEahu  hEQh  oech p k-eJFly Ph` "eUly uhieeLh "eealy eh
  YJtIhp ieOly who  Lhjeyh eKly aZ ply ably NnSWh jjeadly Oh-edKQ h
  Hfhap  ecxLh
meQDhj  Nh eQely Awh" ejh
  LIcily Oh ehfbly QaUph erly Gh|m   pZ_Jly bbKlwly SThp eNh reshueNh
meXehn  Ihj ewly iThk"  tkUh.   Rh    Iah`ejly AThUe ly Qh|eapdXh
  UhoeGTly zaCOh oeSIcly fEIhu  eBCfely wOh eHly bGly eaely YxNbly xJh .
  l ehh-
  Myhu`  Ebh`ech "	eGhjepRly eYhAly rH_h   ueCaly xhunk  wfly
  eGh eCly zph eRly ch"eeQly ZchpeHly QQOvly hhueIdmh -ezzWly hh. ewh
  dlch eShremly  KrRUIly  QXFVly QBh-eWly Uh eZh h|
 	k eJly ATceYly cXRHly Hhleaeeyh . -jefHaly _h .    uSehh .eaKfh
  efly HFh
meYeGh `u.U  etTZly uYh`eslly TaShkeEh
   fSJh` oeRhieIly rZ_hn  yQhm   SOzUly eh reTlchp  Eh eeDh eKly EppWh
  Uly  emly QSRioly euh.eyly BWGhl newKuly sAh n  SHTSly shaeSaly ZvJly
  jfdxh keTh erh reKly hrly teh-eKbly eUSBdly Ebh Uenh eMh aebIealy NIUhh
  eQtDEly sebly   hoeRRjEoly Ihl eeIEeh"erSly QkcfIly kZzh"p jedobWhu-euh
  EIIhl  euhjo  fhlneTSladly EEly xly eDly  a  TTeSly xLVUdh jechp

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