The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 3, 2010


a suite of melodies, pipa and alpine bass zither
reconstituting selves on a bleak day when i realized
i can't afford a hospital, so we march on in out country
of disunity, our country of rabid humans, destroyers
and purifiers, i remain in my seat in my window
in my house, to be destroyed, i remain and play
the last lost music of our destroying century,
remnants of the twilight of enjoyment, the twilight of oranges,
the twilight of wonderful flowers,
the twilight of glistening eyes of animals and flight,
the twilight of remains murmuring in the destroying wind,
the twilight of dawn, dawn of twilight frozen,
holding the twilight in abeyance, reconstituting kaons,
we've (never) been here before

meshwork for virtual worlds

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